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Early Access: Game Modes

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Welcome Soldiers!

For this week's instalment of developer blog, we're revealing some of the game modes that will be coming to Early Access. These modes and the objectives are pivotal to delivering the authentic WW1 experience we are aiming for. Beyond The Wire will be launching to Early Access with two game modes, with more coming soon after. These game modes will feature all factions on all three maps to deliver our interpretation of the ebb and flow of The Great War.

Bear in mind these game modes will go through changes and adaptations as development progresses.



Aiming to replicate the push-pull, attack and counter-attack of trench warfare, this game mode will pit forces against each other as they both attempt to gain control of the same territories across the battlefield. This mode will require players to take control of the open areas of the battlefield before pushing on to the enemies trench system, where the engagements become close quarters.

The game mode is broken up into a number of timed phases. During each phase a sector of territory with multiple small capture points will be contested, the team that controls the majority of the capture points at the end of the time will win the phase and move onto the next territory in direction of the losing team’s HQ. The team that holds the most territory at the end of the phases, or the team who captures the enemy’s HQ, will win.




For this game mode, one team will need to prepare for an assault from the enemy team. The attacking team needs to capture sectors and work through the battlefield to push the defenders back to the HQ. Defending forces simply need to hold until the assaulting team has run out of time. Attacking teams will need to break from the safety of their entrenched positions in order to apply pressure on the objectives. This initial advance will be the toughest challenge but the momentum can be maintained once the positions are secure

Each sector must be captured before the assault can advance, and each sector may have different amounts of capture points. These objectives will become strategic positions that can be exploited to assist the next advance. If attacking teams capture one objective they will need to ensure they remain in control of that area as they continue to capture the remaining objectives in the sector.



Keep those eyes open for further detail, Soldiers!



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