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Development Update: Armaments

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Welcome Soldiers!

Not long after announcing the Beyond The Wire we presented the first look at some of the firearms that will be featured in Early Access. Development is moving rapidly now and we have some more weapons to showcase for you. Coming in hot off the supply train are more armaments that you will be facing when heading out Beyond The Wire.



The Germans were among the first to realize that a good heavy machine gun must not only have good performance, but would need to be mounted to unlock it's full potential. The MG 08 lafette could fold into a sled for quick transportation across the ground. In design, it was more complex but quite comfortable in use and better prepared for trench warfare than some competitors. Like all relatives of the Maxim machine gun, the MG 08 was extremely reliable and ideal for positional warfare - operators only needing to refresh the water coolant and keep ammunition replenished. During the Great War, the MG 08 was often modified with small gun shields, armour for the cooling jacket and muzzle cones to reduce the visibility and brightness of the bursts.



Ruby Pistol

A large order of these pistols from different contractors gave impetus to the development of the Spanish arms industry, but due to the difference in the quality of manufacture, batches of the same pistol from different manufacturers could actually differ significantly, up to non-interchangeability of magazines, barrel length, and the like.


A large number of samples produced were of low quality and wore out quickly, which produced unsafe breakdowns. However, batches of Ruby pistols that were produced by qualified workers, with the right technology, proved to serve very well during both world wars.



Lange Pistole 08

In 1913 German artillery crews were equipped with modified P.08 pistol which featured an enlarged barrel and a holster that could be used as a stock, transforming the pistol into a carbine for self-defence.


In 1917 it was supplied with extended 32-round magazines and earned fame through the eager use by German stormtroopers. A powerful, reliable pistol with a comfortable stock and a capacious magazine was a very dangerous enemy for the Entente soldiers, who opposed mainly with revolvers or small-calibre, self-loading pistols.



Keep those eyes out for future updates on weapons, Soldiers!

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