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Need help with connecting to servers.

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Alright so, here's my story:

I installed BTW around a year ago when I saw it become popular, started playing and absolutely loved it, though player count was always and issue, that's beside the point here.

I enjoyed the game, loved hopping on everyday to play as some Germans and stab some Frenchie's or play as a Frenchie with a Lebel and pop a German from 2 clicks out. Absolutely amazing.

But then something changed.

Some update came out, specifically the patch with the British faction and everything DIED.

I couldn't join servers at all, I could install the game, play the firing range completely fine but servers? NOOO couldn't join at all.

I would try to connect to them, to no avail. After about 6-8 minutes of loading screen it would just bring me back to another loading screen then to the main menu.

This problem has persisted for months now.

I have tried everything in my power to fix this issue, I have tried reinstalling, restarting game, PC, Router, tried verifying game files, tried changing some options in my firewall, tried using a VPN, hell I even tried changing my ports and options in my network adapter.


Why can I not join servers and why can I not play the game anymore?

Can anybody help me?

I know my PC is lower tier but this is ridiculous. 

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