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Howdy fellas, I saw this tab and figured I might as well. I’m GreenSockNinja, I’ve come here from Squad and Post Scriptum as many of you have, but I’m excited to see how this game will turn out and hope I can provide some insight into how the game will eventually turn out.

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    • By ProfBulldog
      I was wondering if a change could be made in the command squad. At the moment, artillery request markers can only be placed by squad leaders and the commander. I was wondering if it would be possible for the signaller to be able to do this as well. It would be so much more helpful to switch the commander's ability to mark artillery requests to the signaller. I have played command many times and sit at the rear of the battle while my signaller goes to the front, completely wasting my ability to mark artillery request since I'm out of the battle. Communication with squad leaders can also be very poor at time and they aren't placing request marks, while I am in constant communication with my signaller and he can't place anything. I just wanted to bring this issue to light because at the moment, no one once to be a signaller since you can't do anything. 
    • By Rahim
      Hello, my name is Rahim and I am glad to be apart of the community here. My family originates from Afghanistan and I like to play video games, especially tactical shooters that require teamwork in order to be successful like Squad. This game seems pretty cool, I made it into the Alpha and am excited for the second test. Just hoping I'll be able to download the game overnight and keep it that way 'till updates arrive at launch so I don't have to download the game in full since my wifi is garbage. 
      I know this is not the place to ask, but if anyone is recruiting for a Beyond the Wire Clan I'm interested in joining. 
      Hope to see you guys fighting with me and not in my iron sights 😂

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