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What id love to see in future updates.

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Hello, I've been a long time player of beyond the wire. I have about 500 hours worth of gameplay, and continue to get more fun out of this beautifully designed game. Here's some things I'd like to see in future updates.


Firefight: I enjoy this gamemode. It makes less populated servers more fun. However the match length is extremely long. About 40 minutes or longer. I'd like it a bit more if the matches were only 15 minutes before rotating to the next map.


Map voting: We’d love an option to vote on which map/gamemode to play after a match ends!


Automatic rifle squads: Simply put, this section is a bit overpowered. I enjoyed it more when each section had an automatic rifle. But an entire squad dedicated to them with four to six automatic weapons like some sections in this game is a turn off. Especially the mp18 squads, they are the gods of the battlefields.


Tanks: I think lots of people didn't like the fact that tank sections aren't available and can only be spawned in with XP. If this was made into a section I think people would find that more satisfactory. If you do decide to do this, perhaps give them a limited number of tanks and have the section disbanded after the supply runs out.


Servers: This might already be in the game, I am unsure. But I'd like to know if server owners would be able to edit sections, and where points on the field will appear. 


I love this game, keep up the good work.

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