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Game is Dead How to Fix

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Tbh its quite demoralizing considering this game is indeed quite good however the 35.99 price tag already sets off a major consumer base, along with the fact the game is considered dead reaching maybe 40 on a good day which prevents more influx of consumers being put off. You need to advertise this game more along with lowering the price tag, doing free giveaways literally anything that might make consumers go hm this seems interesting and give them a reason to buy it since a WW1 realistic shooter is pretty unique considering there are only a few other titles in the ww1 setting. It would be better to invest into Beyond the Wire instead of delving into a new game that may or may not be a hit I'm talking about Isonzo. I believe that Isonzo will have essentially the same path as Beyond the Wire if not less players and consumers because you have already made a WW1 game which would separate people looking into Beyond the Wire and consumers looking into Isonzo. You first have to make sure the first WW1 game is doing fine before moving onto the next or otherwise if you keep splitting the player base that is waiting for Beyond the Wire to get fresh faces they are just going to drop it from their radar and start looking elsewhere. It would probably be helpful to introduce an ad banner in Squad since it has quite a high player count which will introduce people that are playing modern realistic shooters to try out Beyond the Wire. There also needs to be a big event like maybe an anniversary or maybe the day WW1 ended in which you could do a free weekend, then after that the amount of players that keep playing as well as those that wait for free weekend to end to see if it is worth it to buy if the player count exceeds maybe 500 or 700 people will buy into it. If there are any other suggestions then just comment and hopefully Redstone Interactive will look at it.

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