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[IR.74] Albert von Fistus

My wishlist and ideas for 2022

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1. Some ideas for customatizion ( I don't know which one will come with the update)
 -As a Jäger you should have the choice between the Gaede helmet (currently used by Jäger) and t he Tschako with/without cover


-Also we should have been the choice for the Pickelhaube/Tschako cover, the red or green regiment numbers but you have also the choice to leave it emtpy.

-That you have the choice that your soldier get a knapsack .

-Helmet camoflage for the stormtroopers

2. More historically Uniforms

-The German uniform is too bright.

-The "Knobelbecher" weren't black before 1915 (photo below)

-The Jäger uniform should also have the typical green lines on the uniform.14d05daea0d- Same thing for the early war infantry with red lines



3.The option between, you pressing "F" to do all things (build, bandage,...) and the old system

4. More Admin tools

-For more/less realism

5. An optional ticket system

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