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Disconnects and connection issues

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So for some context: I currently run the game on an Intel(r) Core(tm) i5-7400 CPU with a GTX 1040 Graphics card, with 16gb of ram.

It appeared the game ran fine before the update, seemed to be optimized and very well suited for my PC, better then post Scriptum and squad graphics wise with stability(Of course Squad having the better stability of both but that's beside the point).

It appears that every time I join a server, I will be able to play for about a minute or so, or not even play at all, and it will just disconnect me for no reason, along with that the almost unbearable lag that comes from the servers.

It may be a latency issue(Im in AU connecting to US and EU servers), but before the update it was fine.

How do I fix this issue and what could it be? Does anybody else experience random disconnects?

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