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French Army Uniform and Loadout Issues

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The French (starting in 1915) should have access to the 1907/15 rifle, and from 1914 for the 1892 Carbine for artillerymen and Machine gunners. There is also the issue of mass issuing the semi-automatic RSC 1917 (of which 85,000 were built) as an infinite infantry weapon. It should only be 1 per section to reflect its scarcity.

Another sidearm that could be added to France is the 1911, as stated in the French officer's manual of January 1918, officers could either be equipped with the revolver, the ruby or the "Colt automatic 11mm 25" (French designation of it during WW1). The French Assault should have access to the Berthier 1892 Carbine and the Ruby or the revolver mle 1892.

There is also the question of very questionable uniform choices for the Early War French, the tunics were mainly issued to artillerymen, and machine gunners. otherwise they would have the long coats just like the officer does. They would also have a blue Kepi Cover.

Also why does every French unit have a German bayonet ? cant they just give them the 1916 Knife? (for maps in 1916 and later) and give them the Coutrot trench dagger for maps in 1915. 

If there is a need to provide any more sufficient proof or examples of what I am talking about here, don't hesitate to let me know

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