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Development Recap: May

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Welcome Soldiers!

The development for Beyond The Wire is now fully engaged towards the next stretch of updates, and we have our latest recap to show exactly what work has been kicked off since Operation Two release. While a reduced number of devs worked to get small updates out to prepare for the free weekend, the rest of the team have started on this next phase of content for the game. Check out the progress below!


Canadian Expeditionary Force


Infantry NCO Character Model

After finally revealing our roadmap recently, we can start sharing the work done for the faction so far! With a unique uniform arriving with this force, the art team have finalised the character models, which already look fantastic!


The CEF would never be complete without the iconic Ross MK III, and they will be arriving in Beyond The Wire wielding this famous rifle. Renowned for its accuracy for the times, we are sure our players will enjoy deploying with this firearm!


It wouldn’t be right to leave you without showing the Smith & Wesson either. The Hand Ejector 2nd model – modified for .455 Webley rounds will be one of the first weapons the Canadians will be equipped with when heading out Beyond The Wire.



The early stages of development are well underway for the debutant battle for the Canadians – Vimy Ridge. The level design team have pulled together the majority of the white boxing with the level taking shape with the unmistakable ‘pimpled’ ridge line dominating the area.


Playtests on this new field of battle have already started internally to ensure the map delivers a truly unique experience. A new favourite map for many of the developers, we think the community will also love taking part in this battle!




Animations for BTW are still being crafted as we introduce new weapons and polish existing animations. Both the Hotchkiss 1914 and Modele 75mm field canon are now rigged with full animations. We know you have been keeping an eye out for the French weapons, and they’re on the way!


Customization and Progression

Our last livestream showed some of the concept images for our new customization and progression system coming this summer. Showing here the proposed new main menu and how the new Headquarters sub-menu will look. While this system is currently being iterated on, we love the style already but you can expect the final version to be different!




This new system is taking substantial work on the front end, but the engineering team have also been working hard to ensure that the tracking of player actions and stats in-game ensure a stable framework for this new system, which will be bringing with it a brand new scoring system and end of round scoreboard! We will be going into detail with a dedicated blog on the progression system, so stay posted for that soon!


Another change coming with this overhaul will be an update to loadout icons. Aiming for a more fitting theme, our artists have designed these new icons for player roles which will look fantastic against the backdrop of our new menu!




That’s right, tanks will be entering the fray later this year as well, and work has begun in getting a working prototype inside the maps. While the work to implement such game-changing features will take some time, we have been excited to share what has been done so far!

Showcasing a male Mk IV patrolling the fields of Combles reveals the progress so far, with independent track control to replicate the realistic movement as well as having working, operable cannons. While the systems needed for damage models and penetration values are still to be built, having a running tank able to drop into our levels means we can begin the process of moulding the game and any existing maps for these new additions.

As always Soldier, stay posted for more articles as these new toys move closer to completion. In the meantime, we’ll see you in the trenches!


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