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Development Update: Training Range

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Welcome Soldiers!

We revealed in our road map last week that our December update will include our first iteration of the Training Range. Providing space behind the lines, Command has approved the construction of a small firing range where recruits can hone their skills before heading to the front. The range allows players to use all classes and weapons systems in an offline area.


Swinging sand-filled buckets make up the majority of targets for increasing small arms familiarity. These target posts are spaced sporadically at 50m, 100m,150m and 200m. Other make-shift targets such as glass bottles can also be found on the range.


A sandbag-lined firing position allows machine gunners to deploy bipods, while field canons are stationed at various positions giving artillery crewman practice to perfect their aim.


The training range has been set up to replicate the environment’s that soldiers will be fighting over on the frontline. Muddy ground, barbed wire restrictions and small tench networks present the challenges that all soldiers on the Western Front will face.


Soldiers also have the opportunity to get comfortable sweeping underground spaces. A small bunker has been established underneath the remains of a building giving areas to practice breaching and close-quarter engagements.


The Training Range will go through changes and improvements as we continue development and will be one of the introduction features that help new players get to grips with the systems in Beyond The Wire. Expect additions such as in-game tutorial videos and further offline areas in the future!

Stand by for further detail on this new update coming in December!



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