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suggestion to improve/ make melee more intense/frequent

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As matches progress, soldiers and teams should carry less ammunition (simulating battle expenditure/ logistics). This would make the final moments of matches more melee based and frantic, as players would run out of rifle ammunition and have to storm trenches with hand weapons and bayonets. it would also serve to make the match progressively change tactics, and keep excitement right to the last moments of the game. Just my 2 cents on how to make the awesome melee system more applicable. It would allow the really cool hand combat system of BTW to really shine if instances occurred more frequently. So far, most times I have charged with bayonet or melee weapon, I have been gunned down right at close quarters. I think most players rely too much on rifles/pistols. I think this addition would make matches progressively get more exciting! Really love the game so far. 

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