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HOW TO: Server Browser Empty/Not Loading

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This is a non-official post.

Disclaimer: Please note that disabling any security features could possibly open you to security risks, so please keep this in mind and only do this if you're sure what you're doing, at your own risk.

If you do not see any servers in your browser or have issues getting disconnected please try the following:

1. Delete your user cache, see here on how to do this.

2. Verify your game files, see this link on how to do this.

3. In Steam -> Settings -> In Game options there is a dropdown box for "In-Game Server browser: Max Pings/minute. set that down to 250 and see if you get servers now, you can try changing this lower or higher as well. Please note that loading the server list takes longer now, please do not click the refresh button rapidly, wait at least 30 seconds before refreshing. If that issue was solved by reducing the pings, you can try raising the number slowly step by step by testing each time, to find the optimal setting for yourself.

4. Reset your server filter by opening it in the multiplayer tab on the right side:


5. Try opening the command prompt as an administrator and running the following commands:
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig /flushdns
Then reboot your pc and test the server browser again.

6. Disable your personal firewall and windows firewall as a test. To disable the windows firewall open your start menu and type "Windows defender firewall" and open it.


7. Disable your anti virus as a test.

8. Make sure windows is up to date including feature updates which are optional and you need to select manually under windows updates. Check google for the latest windows 10 version.

9. Update your network card drivers.

10. Disable ip flood detection on your router if you have it enabled. Alternatively if you can't access this, try a mobile hotspot through your smartphone and connect your wifi to the mobile hotspot.

11. MSI motherboards have reported the Killer Lan software suite causes this issue as well, check this article on how to remove it: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=178063.0

12. If none of the above has resolved your issues the problem may be outside of your computer or network, a good way to test is to USB tether your smart phone to your computer and test using this connection (a vpn may work as well) If your able to see servers then the issue is with your router or ISP.

This is an edited/updated copy of the official OWI Support guide which can be found here.


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