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Melee Weapon Quality of Life

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TL;DR: Melee weapon users are punished for closing the distance with the enemy. They will frequently die due to clunky melee attack mechanics which cause you to slow down to a walk. After running so quickly while holding your melee weapon, this sudden drop in speed is very sudden and jarring/non-fluid. Combined with the slow attack animation (leading to more time spent at walking pace while winding up the attack) this frequently leads to enemies slipping out of attack range, and the aggressing soldier dying for frustrating reasons.


Sprinting with a melee weapon makes you very fast, however when you release your attack - the animation slows you to a walk. This frequently leads to enemies slipping outside of the range of your attack, and their next shot killing you (as you are such a large target). In reality, once a rushing soldier has closed the distance - a form of grappling/struggle would ensue in which the rushing soldier would have the advantage (with his smaller melee weapon in hand). However, I feel like the aggressing soldier is at more of a disadvantage when closing the distance, due to these clunky mechanics, which makes melee combat unrewarding and discouraged (which is definitely not the dev's intentions).


Option 1: Speed up the animation time of the melee attack. This will lead to the attack coming out faster after sprinting, and less time spent at a very slow walking pace - which can often allow the enemy to escape.

Option 2: Preserve the currently delay of the attack animation - but allow. soldiers to continue to move at a full sprint whilst doing so. This will also lead to more cinematic kills if a melee attack is well timed by the aggressor.

Option 3: Allow rushing melee soldiers to 'charge' an attack. Allow them to hold left click and release to instantly swing their knife/club (similar to bayonet charge mechanics). This is a middle ground between the above two options.


This will encourage aggressive play and infantry charges; further enabling the aggressive, visceral hand to hand fighting experience/meta which I believe the devs were trying to create with this game.

It will add to the immersion of the game where soldiers actually get in range to dispatch one another. Currently these engagements typically end in Looney Tunes-esque chases between one soldier with a rifle and another with a club, where the only thing stopping the melee soldier (who has done well to close the distance) from winning the fight are the aforementioned clunky and frustrating melee mechanics.

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I agree, melee is slow and clunky at the moment, hand weapons especially.  It definitely needs much improvement.

However, I'm not sure if just picking one of the options would sufficiently buff it to be more viable than just shoving the business end of your rifle in their gut and pulling the trigger.  I would prefer options 1 and 3 - the staggering amount of time it takes between clicking and your blow landing is by and far the thing that gets me killed the most (the wind-up time specifically needs to be cut drastically), but it wouldn't be enough to give you an edge over someone with a rifle in a trench rounding a corner, who can just put a bullet in your gut and move on with it.  Therefore, being able to prepare your attack ahead of time would really improve it's usefulness.  Option 1 would also indirectly improve blocking, since there's less downtime between when you can start blocking again to defend yourself against the enemy's return blow if you miss.

Side note: for melee fights, the animations for the opposing player need to be synced better.  More times than I can count I've been killed by someone who swung at me, but I didn't see their wind-up animation so I didn't try to block.  Blocking is quite worthless if you can't actually anticipate when to block.

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