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Early Access: Arsenal

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Welcome Soldiers!

After recently adding more weapons into the mix with the Armament Update article, this week's developer blog is to show off the current arsenal with some in-game footage of the guns that the French and German forces will be handling when heading out Beyond The Wire. With weapon handling being a core component of the game, our animations and systems have been built to create engaging gun play in every firefight. Mixing a blend of accurate bolt-action rifles, scathing machine gun fire and shells from above, players can utilize a host of weapons to approach the battle.

In order to generate the atmosphere we’re wanting to deliver in Beyond The Wire, special attention has to be paid to the sound and visual effects. With the introduction and heavy use of weapons systems such as machine guns and artillery, our sound design has been built to bathe the player in the cacophony of a WW1 battlefield. In addition to sound design, our visual effects are also needing to deliver an authentic experience for the players. Gas clouds, artillery explosions, grenade explosion and impact effects are all part of this system that we hope will deliver the most immersive WW1 experience to date.


French Republic

The French army had to meet the new threat of war with various innovations and improvements to their equipment. From the increased demand for semi-automatic pistols to reliable, efficient machine guns, the French arsenal went under vast improvements from the demands of the conflict.


German Empire

The German Empire had been investing vast resources towards the armies’ needs in the build-up to the start of the war. New technologies were explored which led to some of the finest weaponry of the modern era.


Off-map support

The deployment of industrialized artillery is available to commanders from each faction. These systems are offered as call-in options from off-map support including artillery, gas and smoke shells. These support functions will be going under several reiterations and improvements throughout development.

See you at the next briefing, Soldier!



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