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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Hello! My name is Adam. I come here on the forum asking about the possibility of translating the game into my language. I love the times of the Great War and I liked Beyond the Wire very much. In addition, I would like the offer of games in Silesian, which is a small European language, to increase. Would there be an option for me to translate the game into Silesian when it would be ready or translated at the testing stage? I do not demand any payment for it - I would just like to do it out of love for my language. Regards
  2. Hi all and devs, I'm the co-manager of Plus Localization, a localization group located in Turkey. I couldn't find any contact info regarding business enquiries, so thought I just might try my chances here. With the new year, we started to work with game publishers/developers, by doing so not only we started to widen our portfolio but also supported devs/publishers. Throughout 1 year, we received a lot of good feedback from Turkish players. We trust our translation quality and decided to contact you for Beyond the Wire Turkish localization. We thought maybe we could provide you with Turkish language support for Beyond the Wire as it has some significant amount of Turkish fans waiting for the Turkish localization. In Turkey, around %80 of the people don't use other languages than Turkish. So localization of games play a huge role. If you are positive about this matter, please let me know, we would be more than happy to work with you. Also if you are interested, we can send CVs & our Resume to an e-mail, if you could provide one to us. Thanks and have a good day/night! www.plusceviri.com
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