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Found 6 results

  1. AUGUST 6th 2022 DEV/COMMUNITY EVENT THE DEVELOPERS AND COMMUNITY ARE COMING TOGETHER TO PLAY ON THE PUBLIC SERVERS! [FULL SERVERS] THERE IS TWO WAYS TO JOIN! 1. You join a participating clan, such as https://discord.gg/G54hZHUs6n or... 2. You join the public servers at the exact time!
  2. The 9th Sherwood Foresters [9.SHF] is a new Beyond The Wire community. Built by members with experience from a wide variety of tactical games. We have a strong passion for this game and for a community who shares this same mindset. If this sounds like you, then join using the link below. ‎‏‏‎» Fun, inclusive, and active clan ‎‏‏‎» Weekly gatherings on Beyond The Wire » Events with other clans in the community https://discord.gg/BhtTakZ6Jr
  3. ACHTUNG! Das Sturmbataillon Nummer 5 "Rohr" rekrutiert! Was wir dir bieten können? Ein ausgeklügeltes Rangsystem mit guten Aufstiegschancen! Freundliche Clanmitglieder und eine lockere Atmosphäre! Viele verschiedene Orden und Ehrenzeichen um dein Können zu belohnen! Was du mitbringen musst? Du musst mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein! Du musst locker drauf sein und Humor verstehen! Du musst Spaß an Beyond the Wire haben! Wenn du nun Interesse am glorreichen Sturmbataillon Nummer 5 hast, dann melde dich bei einem der Offiziere! https://discord.gg/jXvBmN9Cha
  4. Easy is a community of passionate PC gamers with a knack for military history and tactical shooters from all corners of the world! At Easy, we take pride in creating a fun and accepting environment for all serious tactical shooter players. Therefore maturity, competency, communication and team-work are fundamental elements required to be a participant. We strongly believe that teamwork and coordination triumphs above kill counts and K/D ratios. Overall Skill is not a required element. Easy participates and creates events across all different games. We are heavily involved in Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose, Squad, and Beyond The Wire. Visit our website or discord if you are interested in joining! Discord: https://discord.gg/easycompany Website: https://www.easy506thpir.com/
  5. Hello Beyond the Wire fans, Phoenix Gaming will be opening a server in Beyond the Wire upon release. We are always looking for new clan members! We are an established clan, operating one of the most popular Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam dedicated servers in the world. Our success is based on our shared culture of not taking gaming too seriously and embracing the internet culture of memes! Check out our website : https://www.phoenixgamingclan.com Join our discord : https://discord.io/phxgaming
  6. Will there be a clan system? should there be a clan system? I would at the very least like to see insignia or articles of the uniform to be changeable to distinguish among different people in a given group.
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