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  1. I recommend the firefight mode. You could take part on the community events (BR1, 9.SHF,...) which are very nice to play with 50 or more player on it. The discord link for the btw event server:https://discord.gg/mSJjrYW6
  2. 1. Some ideas for customatizion ( I don't know which one will come with the update) -As a Jäger you should have the choice between the Gaede helmet (currently used by Jäger) and t he Tschako with/without cover -Also we should have been the choice for the Pickelhaube/Tschako cover, the red or green regiment numbers but you have also the choice to leave it emtpy. -That you have the choice that your soldier get a knapsack . -Helmet camoflage for the stormtroopers 2. More historically Uniforms -The German uniform is too bright. -The "Knobelbecher" weren't black before 1915 (photo below) -The Jäger uniform should also have the typical green lines on the uniform.- Same thing for the early war infantry with red lines 3.The option between, you pressing "F" to do all things (build, bandage,...) and the old system 4. More Admin tools -For more/less realism 5. An optional ticket system
  3. Nice research but when the smokes get removed (pre 1916) all should factions shouldn't have than smoke grenades.
  4. With the next update you can bolt and run at the same time. As you sayed this would make the game more arcade. I think this isn't good for BtW.
  5. Thats a problem. I hope we get the old weaponsway back but than you should be able to rest your rifle
  6. I think in PS the do this correctly, But don‘t forget this game is still early access ;D
  7. Über uns: Wir basieren auf dem 1. Hannoverschen Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 74 und versuchen als solches, dessen Strukturen und Geschichte möglichst authentisch in Beyond the Wire zu repräsentieren. Unseren Mitgliedern bieten wir die Möglichkeit, in einem Rangsystem aufzusteigen, welches auf dem des deutschen Heeres, der kaiserlichen Armee, basiert. Zum Gefecht treffen wir uns jeden Mittwoch und Samstag, in unserem Discord. Was von dir erwartet wird: Du solltest Zeit haben regelmäßig an Gefechten teilzunehmen. Du solltest über ein Mikro verfügen und dazu bereit sein, effektiv zu kommunizieren. Du solltest Spaß am Spiel haben. Wichtig: Wir lehnen jede Form von Radikalismus und Extremismus entschieden ab! Unser Discord: https://discord.gg/mVF9PQUnUb
  8. I don‘t think so, I play often the German Empire and we win ~50% of the battles. I think it depends on how the team work together.
  9. What would you think if the nations get more classes For Example: German Empire 1x Sturmabteilung Same weapons as the Infantry that we have at the moment but carbines (Kar98az) instead of G98 and one Mp18. Should be only available for 1917 and 1918 maps. 3x Infantrie squads Maximum 2 pistols per squad, no P08 with drum mag and no Madsen MG. 1x Landwehr squad The squadlead and the medic get the 1883 Reichsrevolver also no MG. The other soldiers get the G88/05 instead of the G98 What you think? Is this a good idea?
  10. I agree but no every artillery unit in WW1 has the Kar98AZ. Many units have some older rifles e.g. Kar88 or Kar91 or later the Kar98A. So I think you should choose between this 3 or more weapons. I would prefer the Kar98A.
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