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  1. I think for those players who would love to have a - mug / t-shirt / Guide Book - or anything to have at home from Beyond The Wire i mean my idea is to sell something to have at home. -- Some Games do that. hope you enjoy my idea.
  2. we all know we all makes mistakes everyone is not perfect sometimes we can shot a team player by mistake and we don't want that of course we want to shot enemies (other team). so here's my idea the name of our team players appears when we got close them in green and enemies appears red to make it easier to not shot team players i hope my idea is worth something tell what you think opinions always good Gustavo (in game name)
  3. Well I created this topic becouse no game is perfect and players like enjoying a fun game - tell how you think sending ideas and feedback for the developers to make Beyond The Wire Game a better Experience. Gustavo CCM
  4. I’m from Portugal - live in The Netherlands - My name is Gustavo i only play games when I am satisfied with my skills I never play with others without knowing how to play. When I find a game I like I don’t look only to the game but for the website design the answers of Community managers for me almost everything counts I always worry to be a the top rank - Gustavo CCM (in game name)
  5. Is beyond the wire having a good sales beginning with a lot of players? — i hope it will & I know you can make always better! Gustavo CCM
  6. so i can see that most players like me prefer to be ranked and have themselves on a ranking based system i agree with that. so here's my idea -- why not a ranking system that has the score going up and down based on how good you are in the game with also a ranking system to see your rank comparing to others. - Gustavo CCM
  7. Try to activate the setting Fully Load Textures It will pre load all the textures of the game before you go in. i hope it helps (Remember the game is new) - there are problems & errors
  8. Why i think worrying about the website is very important to keep players coming. a gaming website with good community manager is always good i like to receive good well written answers from the community manager.
  9. while I'm playing the beyond the wire sometimes i shot a team player from my team because I'm in like my crouch or other position like looking up from down from those small walking places (to hide) i think you understand me and the team name doesn't appear that i think is a bug. - the game looks very good how it is -- Gustavo
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