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    Alpha signup

    So ive been eager and signed up for the alpha some days ago. Today i duped myself by reading your announcment on discord: "We've looked into an issue with verification emails for forums signups. This should now be resolved, please request another verification email if necessary to complete the process." I read that more quickly than i should and thought that i should have got a verification email by doing the alpha sign up, which i didnt and dismissing the clearly written "forum signups". So i resent my signup. Am i disqualified from the lottery now or is there a way to remove my latest signup? Thank you very much and excuse my half assed childish questions.
  2. March on Drina river. One of my personal favourite. Although i have failed to find it in english sorry. The channel on youtube which had it in english subtitles was deleted. It is nonetheless enjoyable, old movies worked hard with visuals to explain the plot so it is easy to follow it. It follows a Serbian artillery battery before and leading up to the battle of Cer mountain. First Entente victory of the war. https://letterboxd.com/roseemma/list/every-world-war-1-movie/ ^here you will find every movie about ww1.
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