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  1. Hello Chalpha. Welcome to the forums and thanks for your feedback!
  2. Hello. First off, welcome to the forums! If you don't know why it happened, it would probably be an auto-kick or tempban on too many teamkills. We can't tell you more details since you'll have to contact the respective server you were kicked or temp-/banned from. You can find a list of each server's contact information, representatives and their respective discord server here: https://discord.com/invite/playbtw We'll be happy to have you.
  3. First off, hello and welcome to the forums! There is a partner program for Beyond The Wire, however I can't tell you much about how applications with that go. With that topic, you might want to direct message @BLITZ
  4. Hello. First off, I know this might be annoying if you already did so, but please make sure that: 1) Verify your game files through steam https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335 2) Update your video card and soundcard drivers (if it's an onboard soundcard, update that driver, too - Google will help with that. Make sure you only download drivers ONLY from official sources, and driver managers may sometimes be unsafe or even infected, so please always use the manufacturer website). 3) Reboot your PC after finishing above steps 4) Delete your user cache https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045402913-How-to-clear-your-user-cache 5) Start the game after above steps and test if there is any change 6) Try disabling all your audio devices in your device manager in windows, and see if that solves the issue 7) Disconnect your physical or already established WIFI connection and connect to your phone using a hotspot to see if there is any change in connection quality We're happy to hear back if you have any news
  5. Hello @Painkilla47, thanks for your message. I personally don't have those infos, however I believe @BLITZ might be able to tell you more about that.
  6. Great it works now! And thanks for keeping us updated!
  7. Hello 5minuteplayer, welcome to the forum. Firstly, I'd like to thank you to take your time and leave your impression. However, given the fact that the servers are community driven, the playerbase varies greatly over the servers. Most servers do not have "clan only" sections and I also have never seen any server with many of those since most players aren't in a clan or community. Maybe you had the misfortune to join a specific event of a community and had a bad impression. Anyways, since this is a multiplayer title, there is no singleplayer, that's correct.
  8. Hello @P3RD and welcome to our forums! Please check out the following guide:
  9. invisible.nin


    Hello, welcome to the forums! For technical assistance it's always a good recommendation to join our discord that you can find on the top left of this page. Please repair your EAC installation: To do this you will need to navigate to the "Easy Anti Cheat" folder in your Beyond the Wire install directory. The default folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beyond the Wire\EasyAntiCheat Inside you will find the installer for EAC (EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe), run it as an administrator and select Beyond The Wire as your game. Uninstall EAC Verify game integrity (Right click on Squad in steam, go to properties, verify integrity) Install EAC Please restart your computer after this process.
  10. Currently the server landscape around australia is somewhat scarce, this is due to the fact it's a niche game that just released to Early Access and those are community ran dedicated or rented servers. I've seen Australians play on a New Zealand server, i don't know how your ping is to those. After checking online it should be around 23 ms difference from Sydney to Auckland, so it will most likely be around that number. You can always wait for a bigger playerbase, the game is still growing and being developed
  11. Hello, please check the following guide from our discord: Please note that changing security settings puts you at a higher risk, so please be sure what you're doing and change the settings back once you've found the issue. 1. Disable UAC https://knowledge.autodesk.com/search-result/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/How-to-turn-off-User-Account-Control-in-Windows.html 2. Go to audio control panel, go into the properties of your headset / microphone, and make sure none of them have "Listen to this device" enabled. 3. In the same audio control panel, disable every device (right click > Disable) including the devices you want to use, then re-enable only the devices you want to use. 4. Kill any razor background software running (cortex/synapse for example) 5. Run Beyond The Wire as an administrator (go to the install directory and launch the btw_launcher.exe file as an admin) 6. In the audio control panel set your microphone format under Advanced > default format to 44100 Hz (CD quality) or 48000 Hz (DVD)
  12. This is a non-official post. Disclaimer: Please note that disabling any security features could possibly open you to security risks, so please keep this in mind and only do this if you're sure what you're doing, at your own risk. If you do not see any servers in your browser or have issues getting disconnected please try the following: 1. Delete your user cache, see here on how to do this. 2. Verify your game files, see this link on how to do this. 3. In Steam -> Settings -> In Game options there is a dropdown box for "In-Game Server browser: Max Pings/minute. set that down to 250 and see if you get servers now, you can try changing this lower or higher as well. Please note that loading the server list takes longer now, please do not click the refresh button rapidly, wait at least 30 seconds before refreshing. If that issue was solved by reducing the pings, you can try raising the number slowly step by step by testing each time, to find the optimal setting for yourself. 4. Reset your server filter by opening it in the multiplayer tab on the right side: 5. Try opening the command prompt as an administrator and running the following commands: netsh winsock reset ipconfig /flushdns Then reboot your pc and test the server browser again. 6. Disable your personal firewall and windows firewall as a test. To disable the windows firewall open your start menu and type "Windows defender firewall" and open it. 7. Disable your anti virus as a test. 8. Make sure windows is up to date including feature updates which are optional and you need to select manually under windows updates. Check google for the latest windows 10 version. 9. Update your network card drivers. 10. Disable ip flood detection on your router if you have it enabled. Alternatively if you can't access this, try a mobile hotspot through your smartphone and connect your wifi to the mobile hotspot. 11. MSI motherboards have reported the Killer Lan software suite causes this issue as well, check this article on how to remove it: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=178063.0 12. If none of the above has resolved your issues the problem may be outside of your computer or network, a good way to test is to USB tether your smart phone to your computer and test using this connection (a vpn may work as well) If your able to see servers then the issue is with your router or ISP. This is an edited/updated copy of the official OWI Support guide which can be found here.
  13. invisible.nin

    Chat toxicity

    Hello Torxx, welcome to the BTW forums! It sounds like you had some bad experiences in game. I personally can only recommend reaching out to the specific community that the server belongs to. To find a complete list of the contact information you can join the official discord and look for the #server-list channel. The link for the discord is on the top left of this website. Reaching out to the community puts them in alert of the issue at hand, better even if you document it with video or screenshot proof and preferably including the offender's steam id. You can get the steam ID by opening the ingame console, and typing playerlist. Just screenshot that list and add it to the report. Sadly the devs can rarely do anything about those kind of issues personally, however this kind of behaviour is definately not tolerable. I hope you'll have some less negative experiences in the future.
  14. Hello Contagion, welcome to the forums! The topic of having reliable name-tags for friendlies is something that will be reviewed throughoutly in the near future, so I can give you some hope on that possibly being more appealing to you soon. There most likely won't be a permanent blue dot like that but bear in mind that pretty much everything in game currently may be subject to change since the game is still in development. Stay tuned! See you in the trenches
  15. Hello Anthrage, welcome to the community brother! If you're looking for other players, feel free to hop on discord and take a look in the #looking-for-group or #recruitment channels - depending on how deep you wanna go.
  16. There is actually a way of using a controller through STEAM, it can "simulate" input through mouse/keyboard but taking your controller keys in. However, personally I'd not recommend using a controller to play an online game where everyone is using mouse/keyboard. Also, of course this isn't officially supported by the game - but technically it will most likely work.
  17. I think you'll be happy to hear that the section size has been increased to 10
  18. Hello Foxxi, welcome to the forum. While I really like your optimism and energy, I also must say that I think it's too unpractical for a game to realize and make that an enjoyable experience for everyone.
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    Hello hello

    Welcome to the forums, OBM! To access loadouts you have to join or create an according squad, there are different types of squads. I can recommend hopping in the discord and finding some people to play with, they'll surely be happy to explain a thing or two, as well. See you around!
  20. Hello! Thanks a lot for your feedback. However, usually with projects already within the process of making they already do have marketing, sales and everything around the commercial part of the game already sorted out and are unlikely to change the payment model. AFAIK this is already set in stone for the near future after release. Over the years I rarely saw studios change their plan from buy-to-own to free-to-play, especially with small indie studios.
  21. Hello. Please come to the discord to receive your key as the coming play tests will be directed there. After you joined, contact BLITZ or Mitsu directly over direct message in regards to your key.
  22. Also check out this list of WWI movies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_I_films
  23. Hellow Odysseus, welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome, have a good time!
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