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  1. Bump Updated link - https://discord.gg/H4qPdyK
  2. Hello to you too! and welcome to all the new people.
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    It is I

    I got bored so I decided to put something in here I guess. Hi, I'm John I found this game from a friend of mine. I've played many realistic shooters and have been apart of a lot of Milsim type clans/teams. My plans within the Beyond The Wire community is to host private events and start up a Milsim regiment of my own. If you're interested in joining the events or the regiment, you can find the discord invite in the "Teams & Clans" section. I hope everyone that is reading this has a good day/night.
  4. John.Blink


    I want this to be a thread for people to discuss their opinion, Here's the question. Do you guys think that teams will only be let's say, the French versus the Germans or do you'll think that it will be let's say, The British alongside the French versus the Germans? I love to hear the admin's response and the communities' response to this. I personally think that it will be just two sides but I thought of the chances of having the British and French fight with one another being really cool for a tactical type game this will be.
  5. @GreenSockNinja Fixed Link https://discord.gg/2FZX2Mr
  6. I know it is still early but I would like to get a head start on this. If anyone is interested in joining the 33rd Infantry which aims to be a Milsim within Beyond The Wire with ranks, hopefully multiple companies. I do need help setting up so if you're interested in joining to ether help setup or just enlist, you can do so by joining the discord. https://discord.gg/2FZX2Mr
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    Will Artillery be available on large scale maps?
  8. John.Blink


    Will beyond the wire have opportunities for organized groups to have private events?
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