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  1. Hey mate, welcome! Beyond the Wire will require payment to access the game, no price point has been made public yet, as that is still TBD and more information on pricing will come closer to early access release. There is always the potential for Steam free weekends, which could be a possibility RSI might consider sometime post early access release, guess we'll have to wait and see. In saying this, wave 2 of alpha playtesting is coming up sometime this month, so keep an eye out on here and in discord, for the announcement.
  2. American, French and German factions will be available on early access release, with the British faction following not long after.
  3. Hey mate, currently there's not a whole lot of public info on the game as it's still in it's early days - A lot of things are WIP & TBD. Developers will try answer questions when they can, but for the most part, they will be giving more info out as the game moves a long in development. A new blog was released today! http://playbtw.com/faction-first-look-french-republic/ Just keep an eye out on here and the discord and as time goes on, questions can be answered a little more directly.
  4. Hey mate! Yes, closed alpha submissions ended on the 17th of April.
  5. Welcome mate! Exciting times ahead! For Early Access release, three factions will be in; France, Germany and the U.S. A fourth, The British being added sometime after. More factions in the future after this could be a possibility, we'll have to wait and see what RSI has planned, when it comes to that. I'm sure @Mitsu could work his magic and look into adding that for the international section.
  6. Dubs


    Definitely getting that feeling I got during Squad CPA too! Welcome mate!
  7. Beyond The Wire is currently planned for PC only.
  8. Dubs


    BTW is being developed on Unreal Engine 4.
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