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  1. Hey, all. My hope is that you use RTX and DLSS 2.0. Having seen it for myself(youtube doesn't quite do it justice), it really is a corner turn in graphics. That's not to say that I feel that the images should always be super crisp and"sunny", this is WW1 after all. Appropriate lighting and atmospheric haze should do the trick along with period correct shaders. Even in direct sunlight, which there should be very little to none of, with the right "lens filters", everything should feel.... dirty. If you need an example, remember Star Trek: Judgement Rites(ask your senior team members)? When they show Trelane what real war looks like? THAT. As hard as possible...
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    I thought as much. WW1 is my favorite military period. I've been waiting for someone to properly sim the trenches for a LONG time. Your trailer gives me hope. Thanks.
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    Morning, all. What engine are we using?
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