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  1. Have you seen 1917 yet? It’s an absolutely fantastic film that had me invested emotionally, and on the edge of my seat the entire time. It didn’t feel nearly as long as it is, which I feel is a good thing. I felt like I was right there beside them the entire time. It’s historically accurate to what I can remember, and they didn’t skimp out of anything. The cinematography is among the best I’ve ever seen, and I cried in some scenes because of how good they were. It’s an absolutely fantastic film that I’d highly recommend.
  2. Howdy fellas, I saw this tab and figured I might as well. I’m GreenSockNinja, I’ve come here from Squad and Post Scriptum as many of you have, but I’m excited to see how this game will turn out and hope I can provide some insight into how the game will eventually turn out.
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