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    Is it possible if i could obtain the Heightmap of Zonnebeke? i would like to try tinkering with making a map in Arma 3, and Zonnebeke is a good test ground to see how it would work. sorry if im asking in the wrong channel,or at all. Questions was a bit full, and quiet.
  2. How do you guys find the information for WWI battles, equipment, Etc? do you guys have local historian you refer to? (also, will the Ottomans/ Austro-Hungarians be a thing?)
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    what drew me into WWI was , it isnt really covered by history often, just told that it was bad, and then brushed to WWII. my group for Arma 3 has been doing WWII campaigns, and i thought it would be interesting to try to make something WWI, as it isnt really covered, and i could dig for more information with people that have knowledge to learn something new. i just find the fact of the mind boggling sized artillery, the crack of machine guns, seeing what happened at the start in high detail, its just so interesting , and seeing something that could dive me into something 100 years old just interests me.
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