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  1. if i try to start the game i get an error (0xc0000005). it says the game hasn't been launched properly. any solution?
  2. there is a hole on the poelcappele map which is not very visible and too deep to get out of resulting in people getting trapped redstone pls fix
  3. please give us an option to disable being promoted to squad leader, squad leaders tend to promote someone who has a shotgun or other special weapon and take it for themselves and it's really, really annoying.
  4. i think a kar98az for the german artillery would be welcome.
  5. the gew98 with a trench mag, berthier rifle with a chauchat mag and a springfield 1903 with a trench mag. all 3 were used in ww1 and i can see situations where these could be useful in the game.
  6. BluProtogen


    i was wondering, are there any plans to add the mp18 in the future?
  7. are you planning on adding offline bots to the game anytime soon? there isn't a full server anytime i play so it would be great if they got added.
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