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  1. First i want to say im enjoying the game very much. Its got a great baseline to build off of just need a bit of a player boost. now ive noticed some issues with how the load out system works. example i was playing recon and had the scoped rifle loadout was shooting away what ever then all of a sudden im kicked back to the standard rifle and somebody else hops into the squad and takes the scoped rifle. this shouldn't happen your loadout should never be changed without you changing it and especially in game it breaks immersion and completely changes the way you have to play your class. or say i hop into a game and would like to use the trench gun i hop into the squad but there not enough players to allow its use and with the very small player base, usually a 1/2 to 3/4 full server at the times i play, the squad never makes it to the 8 person mark. so i take the pistol assault waiting for the 8th person to join and immediate the trench gun is taken this is less likely to happen if im sitting in the menu waiting but then im taking a valuable loadout from my squad. there are many more issues as well if the squad lead is sombody's friend and that friend wants a specific class thats taken the SL can kick that player to open the spot up for his friend to steal. as a solution id say limit the total number of infantry squads to (i think three and then with the other specialty squads that equals 50) and open each of the special loadouts to the people that join first. first come first serve. this would also make half full lobbies more interesting as you would see more than just the standard issue rifleman loadouts. one more thing i notice is that going prone takes to long your character lowers himself o the ground so he doesnt hurt himself but when the alternative is getting shot in the head i think most people would throw themselves down as hard and fast as possible thank you for reading i'd like to hear other peoples thoughts if other people even see this as a problem and anything else to add to the topic
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