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  1. I know, that's why I said 150kph, which is ridiculously slow for military aircraft in any war after ww1 and also within the specs of most ww1 fighters. Long story short, most maps that are maybe 1,5km long at best, will be overflown in a bit over 30 sec.
  2. Have you seen the maps? A plane going 150 kph will have a hard time staying within the very tight borders of the battlefields. Vehicles will also struggle to travel through the fields without encountering many clipping problems that you see in post scriptum or squad, where maps are already designed for vehicles. In BTW-maps, you couldn't go 100m without flipping your tank in a ridiculous manner. That said, tanks would be a really welcome addition, but you would need dedicated maps for them. I think the behaviour of vehicles on very complex surfaces, like the crater-riddled battlefields of ww1 is a very complicated to handle with the current physics engine.
  3. As a long term "squad"-Player I bought this game as soon as i heard of it. So far I can only say, the game is a very exciting piece of software. Kudos to the developers. A few suggestions from my side would be: 1. Put an end to the staging time madness Introduce either "blocked weapons" or "friendly fire on" during staging time, so the immersion killer right during the start : "everybody shooting and clubbing each other" disappears. I am sure you have that planned, but i thought i will write it anyways. 2. (Optional) HUD reduction The gritty view of the maps is really good, the HUD-Design however kills the immersion for me. I think the HUD should be reduced to the very essentials and the HUD colors should also be more in line with the overall feel of the ww1 battlefield, less saturated and less "in your face". I would appreciate an option to turn most of it off to be honest. 3. Low crouch -> High crouch -> Stand up fully Since the battlefield of ww1 is a lot about trenches and getting your head down all the time everywhere, it would really help to have at least one more stage of crouching available. In a lot of situations you wanna gradually elevate your head and weapon over the cover just enough to shoot. 4. Effects during retreat (disabled weapons) I fully understand the reason for the timer- mechanic , but i think there is a more subtle way to do it like some kind of "panic"-effect kicking in after the timer goes to zero, giving you a more shaky gun and an affected view. Maybe slightly blurry on the edges of the screen etc. I imagine, it would be more fun and create a more immersive experience for everybody.
  4. @FettəRTry to operate a real ww1 bolt action rifle and you will understand. Especially after its action got muddy from weeks in the trenches.
  5. Honestly, i hope nothing of what you suggested will be implemented No offense. But whenever unique games are made, some guys come along and demand it to become another utter desaster like genderfield 1. This game here is trying to depict WW1 in a more accurate manner, not "I am a special snowflake with my special snowflake gun". 90% of the people back then were normal dudes with the basic loadout. Cheers
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