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  1. i was just able to counter a close quarters rifle shot with a club, it was nice. I seeded the server at a 5v5 and seemed to play fairly well. once i found what key's are most comfortable for me to attach my bayonet. i use x and it seems to work out pretty good. It feels like having the bayonet attached dampers accuracy. https://i.imgur.com/vlS6ve6.jpeg I also noticed this on a screen ZONNEBEKE, I'm waiting for the map to populate i think the last issue i had was with lag on servers with a high volume of players. i'm noticing some rubber banding on this map as well. https://i.imgur.com/kVBN8S8.png https://i.imgur.com/4zBN03q.png After sitting on the idea about this game. if the rubber banding gets fixed add more stuff to build. Pros cutting the wire is nice the rifle grenade is also super satisfying The animation for fixing your bayonets ( especially while falling to the ground) Team play in the trenches with medics works out well https://playbtw.com this web page is nice. Cons The population is sometimes not there high ping rubber banding would love to see more items to build and other factions
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