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  1. This game looked INSANELY cool on YouTube, and I have been DYING for a game like this for years. This was so far up my alley it was knocking on my door. That is until I launched it and found out that not only is there NOT a single player mode, but the community and developers are so hardcore against the idea that I could feel the toxicity in the fan base after 12 minutes in game. Every single multiplayer lobby was locked and required joining a discord to join. I've seen games that do this before. Holdfast and War of Rights to name a couple. Both of these were also titles I was extremely excited about. I haven't bought War of Rights, and I only played holdfast for a few hours a couple of years ago because just like BTW, they were multiplayer only and so heavily dependent on it that unless you were willing to commit a significant portion of your life to play with an extremely strict regiment who took it so seriously that it reeked of toxicity, you would get no enjoyment out of it. There is a significant demographic of people who want games like these. I love the ambience, I love the look of the maps, the sound design is incredible, everything about this game made me believe it would be one of the best purchases I have ever made. Unfortunately though, there is no random player server, there is no single player mode, and my only 12 minutes in game were spent trying to figure out how I could play without having to join a discord server full of people I don't know or want to know. This game, like many others, will die out. Holdfast died because of this problem, it was fun for a few hours three years ago, but I couldn't find a group of people I wanted to play with. I would have been happy with random teams, but there were never random teams. I logged on last year to find 5 active servers, 3 of them were locked and half full, the other two were empty public servers. Beyond the Wire looks like a great game, but for the simple fact that I will likely never be able to just launch it and join a match, I will be refunding.
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