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  1. Ok, thank you for your reply My ping to NZ should be fine so that's good. Given what you say, I think I'll let Beyond The Wire build for a little while, but no doubt in the near future I'll be serving in the trenches.
  2. Hello, I've been looking at this game for some time now and I'm really excited to play it now that it's in early access. However, I live in Australia. And if you live here too, you may know that some games have a wide fluctuating player count and thus many players sacrifice performance (lag) to play on Asian servers just for the stable player count at any time. This was something I found in the Battlefield series especially. And so I was wondering how are the servers are in Australia? Because at the moment the price is enough to make me think-twice about rushing into a great game that may not be as playable for me. I don't mind playing with a bit of lag and I understand that the game is still really early access, but without players in Oceania, hmm... Thanks
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