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  1. I am a fan of WW1 history and always hoped for a WW1 style game. I thought BF1 was awesome but of course it's more Arcade style FPS. I am a long time console gamer. This is my first time trying a FPS game on PC and I absolutely HATE it because of the controls. I know the developers are launching a keyboard and mouse option only first, so a controller option is not available. Other than the fact that I can't use a controller I think this game has a lot of potential. I did enjoy the game play style of this game and know it will improve as developers keep working. However I can not play this game until there is a controller option. I don't even want to bother learning and getting use to the PC keyboard and mouse control. For me,.. further purchases or continuation of playing this game will depend solely on whether there is a handheld controller option or not. Like I said I am a 100% console gamer interested in this PC game but I will no longer play it because I just really HATE the keyboard and mouse controls (I didn't even like keyboard and mouse controls for Doom back in the 90's). Other than that I think this game can be great!
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