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  1. Runners getting killed is half the point, your communications can be disrupted by the enemy team. You would have more than 1 runner, i was thinking around 4, so command squad would have 6 total; commander, phone operator, 4 runners. If you get a random in the slot not doing their job, then vote to kick or replace. The game is about teamwork, I understand that there are people that don't follow this, but those people get into every role, squad leads, machine gunners, snipers. It's all disruptive and game breaking, Im not saying that runners being controlled by ransoms being less, or even equally disruptive. They would be more disruptive, maybe allow the commander to kick from his squad, or allow command squad to vote kick alone. Not saying it would be the most efficient method of communication, but it's what they had 100 years ago.
  2. It could also add to a sniper's role. Instead of designated anti-machine gun, they could be expanded to Runner hunter. (Added this after a previous edit)
  3. Buddy and I had an idea to promote a more realistic feel to the battle. Take away squad and command chat, only allow local chat. This would necessitate the squad role of "Runner" in the command squad. They would relay commands via local only chat between command and squad leads. Real time map updates and squad leader artillery marks would go away as well for the commander, give the runners a task to "Gather/Relay Intel" when near a squad leader or commander. Squad leaders would have real time positions for their marks and squad members, when the runner performs this action near them, it gathers their most recent squad positions and artillery marks as well as updating that squad leader's map with other squad positions in the moment that that particular intel was gathered. In order to better facilitate finding the squad leaders, runners would know approximate positions of the leaders, a broad area instead of exact position, if he found the correct squad but not the leader, he would have to ask where the squad leader was from the squad members who would have his position, intel gathering is not a completely straightforward process in combat after all. After finding the squad leader, delivering orders, and gathering the squad map information the runner would then relay this information back to command by beating the ground with their boots. Runners would have light equipment, pistol, melee, little ammo, field dressing, but should also get increased movement speed and stamina. If the runner gets killed before he can relay information, it just doesn't get relayed. For Example: Commander gives Runner orders to deliver to squad 3 -- Runner finds squad leader 3, relays orders, and gathers map intel (positions and artillery marks) -- Runner bumps into squad leader 4, quickly gathers map intel -- Runner returns to command to relay map intel and get latest map intel from Commander (brought by other runners from other squad leaders) -- Commander map updates with that intel -- If there are conflicting map intel reports, most recent one overrides -- Commander gives Runner order to deliver to squad 6 - Runner finds squad leader 6, relay orders and most recent command map intel, and gather map intel from squad leader 6 -- Runner returns to Commander with updated map intel -- Wash, rinse, repeat. This adds a new mechanic and role in the game that is not present in other games. Places an emphasis on information gathering and disruption. Works for the time period. Place constraint on commanders, he can't sit far behind the line if he wants to be efficient, he has to be closer in order to make runners' distances shorter. Makes the radio man's life more interesting too, he doesn't have to sit in the back doing nothing while his commander toys with the comms, if he is closer to the front, he will have to be more on his guard, more mobile.
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