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  1. It'd be better to have Red Army as a "russian" faction, as they've not only fought against almost everyone during the intervention of 1918-1921 (which will leave more space for maps and factions on them), but they are much more iconic than tsar's army. At least they are a bit more distinctive in terms of uniforms and colors. For example, where else you would see an iconic hat "buddenovka" with a big red/blue star on it? Whereas Emperor's army of early WW1 are quite unremarkable and barely differentiate from other countries' armies (except for american with those big ranger hats ofc). To sum up: while technologically empire's army and Red Army are not different (they both used HMG "Maxim", mosin nagant rifles, nagant revolvers etc), Red Army is much more iconic and distinctive, it had more diverse enemies and places to fight, and you might be the first ones to ever add early Red Army to a game.
  2. While melee is quite clunky, it is not really efficient. Pistols are better as they give more chances to kill the enemy than melee that takes some time to charge an attack and even slows you down while charging. Attacking with melee shouldn't slow an attacker and should be a bit faster. Then melee might become a bit more viable in a direct attack.
  3. Tested with full 50/50 teams on low settings. Average. Frise assault - bad, 15-20 fps. Zonebekke - better, around 20-30 fps. Ansoncourt - the best one out there. 30-35 fps. Any ideas?
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