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    WW1 is important to me, as it was a major turning point in history for most countries. For my country, Canada, it was pivotal in forming an identity of our own, where we showed our determination, grit, and resolve in the face of extreme situations, even from our own people! Here's looking at you, Sam Hughes. The push of technologies is also a big interest of mine, especially some of the trench created items, and many of the "bolt on" solutions to try and turn bolt action rifles into semi or full auto contraptions. My family history is important as well, and thankfully we have some very extensive records, most notably around my great grandfather. He fought through out the war, signing up in 1916, and was initially attached to the Eaton Motor Machine Gun Battery, which eventually reformed with other units to become the Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade. He rode around on his motorcycle, spotting enemy machine gun batteries, and relayed that information so the Canadian mobile machine guns could ride up on them, and take them out. He was eventually wounded by shrapnel. The story goes that he came under artillery or mortar fire, and the standard procedure was to ditch your motorcycle, and get to cover. Well, he didn't want to ditch the motorcycle, because he had a fresh cigar in his coat pocket, and was afraid he'd ruin it. So he kept on, and was hit by a piece of shrapnel. He healed up, and continued on, and was awarded two medals for his ability to spot the entrenched machine guns and report back the information. I haven't played the game yet, its currently downloading, but I can't wait to get into it. The few videos I've watched of gameplay looks amazing.
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