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  1. Oh hallelujah thanks for your response Invisible. That’s some great news
  2. Realistically in a war zone and especially in WW1 with arty shells flying every where and everyone getting shot around you, you are gonna have an insane amount of adrenaline. Ive run further and farther in real life full of adrenaline. As for bunny hopping i know Post Scriptum has a system where you lose an insane amount of stamina when you jump and can jump like two times before you are out. A system like that would fix your issue
  3. See some parts from this game and Post Scriptum would work so well together. The 9 player infantry squads with a marksman role from Post Scriptum and i love the new fireteam option on BTW. You can now appoint a leader of say "Fireteam A" and they can run their own little group of players.
  4. I’ve sometimes had it with the artillery gun that I don’t receive the prompt but I still hold down f and it worked. Could just be a small bug
  5. Love the premise but just dont find it very practical in a game like BTW. Just all it takes is 1 shot and youve stopped communication, happens time and time again, got some random in the slot thats not doing their job. People wont find it very fun from either side. Pigeon messaging could be an idea but i think its okay the way it is.
  6. Yeh i hope they come out with some new interesting roles. Just when it comes to the 6 you have leader,rifleman,medic,LMG,grenadier,assault. Just the whole squad seems very specialized. i think if they added another 3 riflemen to even out the specialized roles
  7. I know that for artillery pieces you have to hold F so maybe try holding F for the MG? I havent tried MG yet so i dont know unfortunately
  8. you can say that again first time i played signaler i thought i was doing something wrong xD
  9. So my biggest question about the game currently is the 6 man infantry squads compared to PS which has 9 man infantry squads. why 6 over 9? just a question from a dev would be great but do you think youll expand unit sizes at a later date?
  10. i cant remember what game, mustve been an old Medal of Honor or something but they had the abilities to kick a grenade and it was great. even if it isnt aimed get it out of your way. Just kick it down the trench. As for grenade markers i think it shouldnt be something so prominent. at the end of the day they are trying to upkeep realism but maybe a faint marker when you are close.
  11. i honestly found that the gun sound affects where to my liking. They sound very powerful but not like a cannon. the sound effects are great but i wish there was more ambient sounds. Trench battles were miles upon miles long. films and games depict only one part. I think there should be more artillery sounds effects in the background as the battle moves on past the map
  12. FM. HezzyBear


    I would say its no where near Verdun apart from theme and such obvious reasons. Luckily this game is more related to Squad and Post Scriptum. Both use the same engine and such if you play all 3 you'll see the similarities. These games already have many previous and now large groups who moved from squad to PS and now from PS to BTW. this is the lifeline that this game needed and it was already here. As long as these groups as well as newly created groups keep at it, this game will thrive just as PS did.
  13. Hey Wizard are you still having issues?
  14. Yes i totally agree with less or no environmental collision is extremely important especially in close quarters like trenches. I would rather lose an aspect of realism that have it be more of a game breaking feature. Also cancelling an in-progress attack. Im pretty sure 99% of game with melee features have a cancel block, this game should be no different. i like the melee system. this game needs one, but it needs to be practical and effective.
  15. you never know is the thing. a couple bug fixes down the road and this could be a perfect game. just hope to have you back on the battlefield soon
  16. To the admins of the server. I think this forum would 100% benefit from allowing users to edit and possibly even delete their posts. It saves admin being asked to edit and or delete posts and can free up a lot of time to moderate other posts. A good thing about it as well is that members cant edit nor delete other peoples posts, just their own.
  17. Yeh I had this happen to me a couple times before as well. I think at least a system where your kit stays until you die will suffice
  18. see i liked what battlefield 1 did where they portrayed the civil war between both parties. would love to see that in BTW as also the americans were involved and what not so could make a few interesting battles
  19. Sorry to hear that man. Hopefully itll get better down the line and well see you on the front. I salute you good sir o7
  20. Would be great if they could also sync players accounts to this forum or something so people can see other peoples medals
  21. Sounds like an awesome addition but i can see it being kind of OP in some situations. One thing id rather see is the drip rifle. Maybe as a recon NCO or standard NCO deployable for distraction.
  22. Let me know if the reinstall works. seen a lot of people saying reinstall. its annoying but hopefully it will work
  23. V and B are the most important keys in the game. If you have a mic, use it. V is local chat and B is you squad chat. communication is key to victory
  24. Yeh there definitely has to be an upgrade to the melee system. this game needs one but it needs to be practical
  25. can be anything from more object to multiple particle effects. More gunshots, more arty, more sand bags and bigger map and trees. It can all affect FPS again tho im sure you get told this but an upgrade to your hardware will definitely. I get 100+ FPS on a i7 6700k and a RTX2060
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