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  1. Awesome news! Can't wait for the new maps and next year the British and the Harlem Hellfighters. Wonderful additions. Amazing work. Thank you for all you have done,and will continue to do.
  2. I do not wish to sound ridiculous but make sure your "check boxes" on the right side of the server screen, are checked appropriately. I had a few checked that reduced what I could see.
  3. Most of the machine guns were French. Nothingn has been added as far as weapons go. There are certainly many weapons that need to be added as we go.
  4. Kingkat54

    Chat toxicity

    More reason to join a Discord group. Public in game chat can get pretty bad at times. I believe there are ways to mute players. Not sure the process
  5. I have occasional spikes while in game. Older system, but I have adjusted settings, and it seems fine. I noticed when I tried to play a game with high ping for me, I saw lag spikes all over the place. Still very early access. It will improve
  6. Just before WW2 began, Churchill proclamed when he learned Italy was joining the Axis Powers along with Germany. "Well, it seems fair. We had them last time!"
  7. I think tutorials will be of great help. Always looking for good information on how to play and tips. Thank you.
  8. Allows for a second medic if I read correctly. Because, afterall, SIZE matters!
  9. Anyone know what these are? Saw them in Game Settings. There are three. Default are: Soldier No Zoom; Soldier 1x zoom; Soldier 4x zoom. Have not toruched them .
  10. More than likely as roles may increase. May just be about control of players?
  11. Kingkat54

    Your WWI

    Family connections to history make for greater stories. Both of my Grandfathers were drafted in 1917, but were married with children, and were never called into service.
  12. Thanks. Did get them to work today.
  13. Have just started playing and noticed when I fire my rifle, when I use "R" reload key, it animates putting another cartridge into the breech. I thought that was odd, so I looked for info about reloading and merely activating the bolt. Found nothing, so I experimented with the rifle and when you fire the weapon, hit the fire key again and it actuates the bolt. Didn't know. So now, are there other gameplay tips to help us newbs out there?
  14. Would like to see the focus remain on Infantry. Although Armor was developed and implemented, they did not prove very effective. At least as far as I have read.
  15. Have you developed a "map" for future content? Just curious about where you see the game going.
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