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  1. Advice sounds pretty solid. I think BTW devs have the potential to engineer a game that's a bridgeway between a musket n' bayonet line game like War of Rights and a WW2 game like Post Scriptum. Which are both solid and hardcore milsim experiences. And I agree that they could definitely help achieve this by have huge battle formations. The only worry I have is optimization and the proper utilization of command structure. I wish for once a video game had correct command structures based on historic MTOES instead of some arbitrarily contrived organizational structure like Hell Let Loose has. This is why I like BTW in that sense. All in all pretty solid statement and I also want to support the devs.
  2. I've heard a lot of people complaining bots should be added and I've seen on the roadmap bot support as a goal. But if bots are added it wont be the same. I'm hoping BTW will trump Post Scriptum in the milsim experience but if it goes in the direction of games like Verdun and Tannenberg with excessive bots and little actual player base it would truly be saddening.
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