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  1. It appears the game is a bit more popular on the Europe servers.....good! At least maybe it will hang in there long enough to catch on here in the states!
  2. 2 servers occupied on a Tuesday night...7 pm eastern....about 105 players between them. I am afraid this game is DOA. Too bad, it has potential, but it needs a catch.
  3. OBM

    no squad comms

    I am guessing there in not a proper fix for the squad chat function yet........I don't really mind using a mic, but the headset is a bit nicer, sound wise.
  4. Only 6 servers occupied on a Wednesday evening..less that 300 players...granted, it is a bit early in the evening here on the East Coast, but that is not a healthy sign........ Are there any thoughts as to promote this game a bit better? It is a good game, but a bit boring with little to no action....maybe a Bot version....I know, Bots suck, but may be a necessary evil. The game can be a bit intimidating at first....playing against some bots might get people into it more....or perhaps a training/practise mode, with bots for learning the subtle art of trench warfare...........
  5. In the game Hell Let Loose, bunny hopping just doesn't happen. I do not know how it is set up but it seems that once you jump, there is a delay in the ability to jump again. The movement speed IMHO, is too fast. No way anyone can crawl that quickly with full gear and a rifle. Same thing running, especially thru muddy fields full of barbed wire, shell craters and debris, adrenaline or not. BF1 is a joke.The whole BF series is an arcade (multi-player, anyways - single player is not too horrible). While I have not played much of Verdun in the past few years, I recall player movement to be more realistic than BTW.......unless they have changed their settings. Try playing Hell Let Loose......player speed is much more realistic--although they don't get winded. I do like that players get winded in this game, and also how they can get hung up on obstacles. Being this is still a WIP, there is plenty of room for improvement. I like the game, and I am glad I figured out squad chat glitch (at least a workaround), and it seems to crash a little less frequently...................
  6. I know it can be set up to not have bunny hopping.....very unrealistic. Hell let loose has it set up that one cannot bunny hop.....If I wanted that sort of gameplay, I would play COD. '' Also, it seems to me that the players run exceptionally fast around the field. While it is cool that obstacles slow one down, the general speed movement is also unrealistic. Just my 2 cents.....
  7. OBM

    no squad comms

    OK......got team chat working by using a free standing mic....my Logitech headset G-933 seems to have been the issue. Why? I dunno....better for someone who knows what they are doing to figure it out! So far, after reinstalling the game (again) it has not crashed. I am assuming steam denied my refund due to time played, but half that time was the game not running in the background (silent crash). No worries.....I wanted the game, just not a game I could'nt play.... good to be back!
  8. OBM

    No chat sound?

    OK....PROGRESS! By using a free-standing mic, I can hear team chat.....if I use my headset, I cannot hear team chat. Why? I dunno. It's a Logitech G-933 . I am happy to use the mic and speakers though, so no worries. After a few uninstall/reinstalls, it does not seem to be crashing (yet). Good to be back in the game!
  9. OBM

    Crashing on Win7

    Mine was crashing on Win 10.... a little bit into the game, but after the hotfix. Game deleted. Refund requested.
  10. OBM

    no squad comms

    I have deleted the game, and requested a refund from Steam. Not only did the squad chat not function, the game tended to "silent crash", making it almost impossible to close. While I did like the game, I find Verdun to be just as good, and in some ways better. If Steam does not refund me, I will attempt the multitude of fixes listed.....assuming it does not silent crash (or normal crash---- which it also did multiple times).
  11. OBM

    No chat sound?

    Yes, I am hoping it does get better quickly....I really wanted to like this game. I could live without the team chat temporarily , but the silent crashes were just too annoying. I do plan to keep an eye on the forums to see how things progress.
  12. OBM

    No chat sound?

    Reinstall DID NOT work. In addition to crashing, it would not allow me to close the game down....silent crash....and could not restart without a reboot. I have requested my money back from STEAM. I had to do the same with Post Scriptum....ran very poorly. Hell LET Loose runs a hundred times better! I have a pretty decent PC, and run most games on epic settings without a hiccup, but I find this too annoying. If they can get their act together, I may repurchase.....VERDUN is a pretty good game, looks a lot better, and runs pretty darn well, so I guess that is where I will be going if I need a WW1 fix.................. so, for now, I will be posting a poor review.
  13. OBM

    No chat sound?

    I am pretty sure there will be an easy fix....meanwhile, the game has started crashing , so I am uninstalling/reinstalling now. Tried file verification...did nothing.......
  14. OBM

    No chat sound?

    Does not appear to be anything there that would correct the issue. Local chat works....all other sounds work. quite annoying, actually.
  15. OBM

    no squad comms

    I am having the same issue...squad chat just lets me hear the click of the mic. Local chat works perfectly, as do all other sounds. My mic is working, so others can hear me.
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