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  1. Hello @fishy Would you mind checking into #tech-support on our official community discord for looking into your issue more directly? https://discordapp.com/invite/GFYTB3u Otherwise, please reproduce the issue and then upload your Logs as follows Press WIN + R and then copy-paste the following into the field, then press ENTER %LOCALAPPDATA%\WireGame\Saved Right click the Logs folder, Send to > Compressed ZIP folder Upload the created .zip file here or within discord #tech-support channel
  2. AMD FX users have degraded performance due to issues with the audio system. Workaround Close your game (if it is running) On the windows desktop, press [WINDOWS] and [R] on your keyboard Copy and paste the following %LOCALAPPDATA%\WireGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ Look for a file called Engine.ini - if it doesn't exist, create a new text file and rename it to Engine.ini (please make sure to show file extensions https://www.howtogeek.com/205086/beginner-how-to-make-windows-show-file-extensions/) Add the following lines in the end of the file [/script/engine.audiosettings] bDisableMasterEQ=True [Audio] bDisableMasterEQ=True Save the file and start your game Please be aware 'Clearing game cache' over the ingame options or deleting the %LOCALAPPDATA%\WireGame folder will require you to re-apply the workaround.
  3. There is a bug regarding the input device setting. The input device is reset after each restart of the game. Workaround: 1. Set your Input Device to 'Default Device' in the game options. 2. Click apply and close the game 3. Open your Windows Sound Control Panel 4. Switch to the 'Recording' Tab 5. Select your microphone from the list and on the bottom click the little arrow next to 'Default Device' 6. Select 'Default Communications Device'
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