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  1. Hi all! The 1-505th is an established clan made up of current and prior service military veterans as well as civilians. We have a presence within Squad, Post Scriptum, ARMA 3 and are expanding into Beyond the Wire! We are a semi-Milsim group with strong ties to other communities and actively participate in multiple weekly events! We are hoping to bring this spirt of cooperation and cohesion to BTW on day one as well with our public server! As a member of the 1-505th you will join our C Company, and as some of the first members for BTW you will have a direct impact on the future that BTW plays within the unit. Members are given leadership opportunities if desired and we are open to everyone, no matter your previous experience! The only requirements are to have a mic, be willing to participate, and be over 18. Please use this link to join and to invite your friends - https://discord.gg/6cA65Yw!
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