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  1. Many revolvers are both single and double action, and when fired single action they are more accurate since less force is required to pull the trigger thus moving the revolver less, perhaps you can add a mechanic in which you can fire your revolver single action for accuracy over distance or fire it double action for a faster fire rate over close quarters?
  2. Is btw going to feature destruction? If so, then to what extent? Perhaps only buildings or maybe even ground deformation?
  3. Do you plan on adding tanks such as the FT17 or the mark IV landship to the game or is it strictly an infantry only game? Furthermore, can we expect to see cavalry come to the game (perhaps in an Eastern front expansion)?
  4. Are you planning to add more fronts to the game (for example the eastern or the Italian front) or just focus on the western front?
  5. Will I be able to use a controller for playing the game? I am playing on pc but am using a controller
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