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    My fear with this stance is that the game will fall unto a certain audience who will either a. promote a rather toxic gaming environment (see war of rights) b. once people lose interest in the game it will likely begin to rapidly fade (see battlefield 5) or c. if servers are hosted admins will be on power trips All in all it does not bode well for the sustainability of a game set in a very niche market about a subject that has been covered by other games at this point. This is just my two cents. Food for thought though, Verdun did not add bots into the game until it literally needed them for life support. What is being released here is a game that is very much like Verdun in many ways and in many ways unlike Verdun. However the similarities may lead people to decide that Verdun is the better investment as far as sustainability goes. I would rather see AI options from the gitgo ie a defensive mode than see it rely entirely on player vs player. Not everyone likes multiplayer and by saying there are no plans for bots you have already denied a large demographic the potential enjoyment of your game. I would rather wait another year or so for the game to be made with such options than to purchase it pvp. I have long had issues with being on the receiving end of in-game bullying which has thus far proven to be a staple a staple of pvp, at least with pve there is a chance to avoid such behavior. Some people can't just brush it off as easily as others
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