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  1. The settings for auto/manual bolting aren't working in the online environment at the moment. In the training range it does work, however everyone is forced to manually cycle the bolt for the time being while playing on a server. We do plan on having that as a working, selectable option in the future.
  2. Welcome Soldiers! It is with great excitement that we reveal our latest road map, and for the first time give a broader view of how Beyond The Wire will look in the future. While we have discussed plans sporadically during streams and discussions with the community we decided it was time to lay the future down so our players can see all the interesting features being planned and where Beyond The Wire is headed. With Operation Two closing out the first 6 months of Early Access, we are ready to present the journey ahead for Beyond The Wire. Throughout Early Access we will continue to release Operations to deliver relevant and fascinating content that delivers a new experience on the Western Front, with new diverse battlefields, iconic weapons and important factions all changing the battlefield around them. Supplementing these larger releases will be smaller updates to fix bugs, make UI improvements, introduce new weaponry for existing factions and make general quality of life and optimization improvements. Note: This roadmap is subject to change dependant on community feedback and development requirements. The major pieces to identify in our new roadmap are the two Operations that follow For King and Country. This summer brings Canada's 100 days, releasing the Canadian Expeditionary Force along with our initial customization and progression system and new weapons for existing factions. Following this operation players will see the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps joining the fray along with a first iteration of vehicles, flamethrowers and a multiplayer campaign. Throughout Early Access, there will be ongoing improvements to client and server optimization, sounds & special effects and continued level polish as we improve the game in all areas. Our long term development plans which go beyond the 1.0 launch will see us aim for air battles, a COOP mode against AI and a brand new theatre, opening a new front of World War I. We will reveal details on all these new features and operations in due time, so remember to stay up to date on our development recaps and future updates on the game. See you in the trenches, Soldier! BUY NOW ON STEAM
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    BTW: OST

    We're hoping to have our rendition of "I Vow to Thee, My Country" in the second volume of our OST. We don't have a timeframe on when that will be released unfortunately
  4. BLITZ

    Blank Screen

    Can you try verifying your game files in the game properties? Perhaps a fresh install may also help
  5. It seems the game isn't connecting to steam. Try verifying your game files, then launch the game and then clear user cached data in the game settings to see if it helps
  6. Welcome Soldiers! Operation Two: For King and Country arrives this week, and storming into mainland Europe comes the British Expeditionary Force. Mobilised after declaring war on Germany in 1914, the British Army that deployed to France was thought to be the best the Empire had sent to war. These men benefited from hard lessons learned during the Boer War and were effective in the use of cover and the ability to deliver rapid, accurate rifle fire. While other armies for the time were established through conscription, the BEF was made up of professional soldiers with solid foundations of extensive training and high morale. However, catastrophic losses during the start of the campaign forced the recruitment of more men and a restructuring of the military organisation. With more reinforcement, the army was now capable of fighting a war on a continental scale. Having mustered forces from across the Commonwealth, the BEF will eventually be supported in-game by sub-factions from the various units seen under their command on the Western Front. Entering the fray with an array of iconic weapons from the SMLE MK III* to the Lewis Gun, players will have a new arsenal to learn and familiarise themselves with. British HMG detachments can look forward to deploying the Vickers Mk I with a sandbag bunker, while Artillery detachments will be launching shells from the QF 13-pounder field cannon. Arguably one of the most impactful and important factions during The Great War, the British Expeditionary Force will play a major part in Beyond The Wire going forward and we're excited to bring their story to our game.
  7. Welcome Soldiers! Our final field of battle to present for Operation Two is Poelcappelle, a battlefield from Flanders where the French and British contended with the German Empire throughout the war. Sitting northeast of Ypres, Poelcappelle was a strongly fortified position for the German Empire that withheld against many attempts before finally being captured by the British in late 1917. Subject again to heavy shelling, the land surrounding the village makes traversal almost impossible as deep craters turn into rivers, wells and lakes. Thick hedges of barbed wire and building debris protect infantry forces from small arms fire, but the incessant hazards of no-man's land are ever-present. The rear lines of the German Empire have been established to take advantage of the natural environment. Short routes of trench networks lead to the more established front line, while grassy knolls and rock formations create natural shelters from enemy fire. A final bastion of bunkers, barbed wire and deep trenches completes the German line. Many years of entrenchment has created an extensive network of dangerous defences that need to be tackled in order to break the line. The main fields run through Poelcappelle, with many houses and buildings surviving the concentrated barrages. Armies will need to prioritise the standing windmills and main roads if they want to dominate these sectors. With close-knit buildings still standing, infantry sections must flush all corners and pockets where enemies may lie in wait. Having to descend down into the village, the Entente have dug trench systems that feed down to the front line. Hard cover above ground is sparse, and any soldiers milling outside of the trenches make easy targets. The trench routes provide the only real safe route onto the field. This third map coming with Operation Two will arrive with gameplay layers for both the British Expeditionary Force and French Republic to try and take on The German Empire. Stay posted for more information next week, Soldiers! BUY NOW ON STEAM
  8. Welcome Soldiers! We now shift the focus of the frontline back towards the Somme, and the fight for the Combles valley in 1916. After spending many years as backwater stores, the Combles valley in the north of France was captured by the British Expeditionary Force in late 1916 and helped spring the entente's advance. This new map arriving in Operation Two will introduce the BEF to Beyond The Wire. Devastated by the earlier barrages, the Combles valley now sits deformed and littered with destroyed houses, blasted walls and abandoned land ships. Heavy rainfall has left the ground waterlogged and hazardous, leaving pools of standing water across the field. The frontline runs across the floor of the valley, with reinforced German firing positions crowning one side. Soldiers will need to take caution when moving at any point on this level due to the inherent risks of attacking uphill. In addition to the difficulties of the environments, the claustrophobic ruins of the village will need careful attention. Fighting in these areas will carry the threat of hand-t0-hand combat as the narrow paths and dark corners converge into tight spaces. No man's land holds the remnants of the village that previously stood as a base of operations. The standing debris and abandoned trucks provide safety during assaults but beware of hidden enemies trying to cut off routes and paths. The rear lines of the British show sporadic temporary trenches have been dug out to support the ground gained, with wooden structures and watchtowers quickly erected to support the infantry advance. Sitting opposite is the formidable German HQ. Elevation, strong defences and steep access make this position a nightmare for attackers. With bullets and grenades thrown down from above, any army assaulting this final position will need all options available. Stay posted for more detail on Operation Two coming later this week, Soldier! BUY NOW ON STEAM
  9. Welcome Soldiers! The next few instalments of our Fields of Battle series will be showcasing the latest maps that will be arriving with Operation Two: For King and Country. The first map we’re attending to is Séchault, an infamous battle from the Meuse-Argonne offensive where the Harlem Hellfighters gained renown. Premiering the brand new sub-faction sitting under French command, Sechault will introduce the 369th regiment to Beyond The Wire. Charging through the hills of Séchault shows the difficulties of assaulting such a position. Any advance must be well planned, with elevated firings positions abound, the chalk-lined trenches will have to be utilised during the approach to ensure some level of safety before starting the attack. The rear lines of the entente show tents with a field kitchen, as well as some benches and a piano, brought in on the nearby railway. Shallow trench lines lead over the hill and down to the frontline, providing safer routes of travel as well as secure positions for artillery and HMG crews to operate. No man’s land is a crater-riddled field, filled with water and fallen comrades. There are various strong points connecting makeshift trenches which can be used as a springboard to extend your footing in the area. Any remaining trees that stand have been scarred and angled askew from the blasts of artillery shells. Overlooking the map is the ruined chapel which provides the greatest elevation and vantage point, located at the very centre of the level. This position will be regularly contested as armies battle for the hilltop and chapel remains. Pushing on through no-mans-land reveals the more established lines of the German Army. Defensive trenches and bunkers converge on the few remaining buildings that have been established as storage areas for ammunition and general equipment. Stay alert Soldiers, we have more brief's on the way before heading out for Operation Two! BUY NOW ON STEAM
  10. Welcome Soldiers! Back in our January Development Recap article, we teased a new section type coming to Beyond The Wire. Given the extremes of trench warfare, engineering sections were often put to task to fortify and entrench positions across the battlefield. With hard cover and protection against enemy fire and the elements being a priority for the armies of WW1, these sections will be vital to any army looking to advance on the Western Front. This new unit will be able to place structures, defensive equipment and various deployable to support their team. Whether the infantry needs an elevated firing position or secured rear positions, these pioneers will create the strong foundation needed for the fight ahead. We’re expecting to implement these new roles in the next update, but expect them to be expanded later in development. Engineers A 3 man section tasked with reinforcing and fortifying positions across the battlefield to support the army. With several options of emplacements suiting different scenarios, the engineers will be busy creating strong bases for the infantry to strike from. NCO The Engineer NCO will have the ability to construct fortified positions to help create strong defences. These constructions improve as more effort is applied to building it, making the structure more enclosed and fortified with each stage. Note: Engineer NCO is able to build emplacements. In addition to these constructions, the Section Leader will be responsible for placing deployable ammo depot’s to resupply general ammunition, as well as rifleman’s ammo bags. Teams need to be wary as the depot will cause an explosion when it’s destroyed. The NCO will also be able to place barbed wire, sandbags and duckboards. The two remaining roles that make up the section will also be able to affect the battle around them with their own selection of deployables. Engineers have access to building barbed wire and sandbag defences to further embed vital firing positions, as well as portable ladders to help gain access to elevated positions. The Sapper also has access to a Bangalore torpedo, a long tube-carried explosive that can be used for clearing barbed wire and destroying enemy emplacements. Sapper 1x Bangalore torpedo 1x Ladder 1x Duckboard Bangalore torpedo video Note: Bangalore is still a work in progress and has a bit of development work still to be done. Builder 2x Barbed Wire 2x Sandbags 2x Duckboards When these engineers arrive teams will be better equipped and more prepared to strengthen and lockdown critical positions. With ingenuity at the heart of this unit players will have interesting options at their disposal, and we’re sure this role will be popular across the board. We have more articles coming in fast so stay posted Soldiers!
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    Welcome to the community mate! Glad to have you here
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    Send me a message on here or our discord and I can see if we can help out
  13. Previously, a team would only need to hold the majority of objectives as the timer ended in order to win a phase. Teams could dominate a phase then lose the sector because the enemy managed to flip objectives in the last second(s). This wasn't delivering the gameplay we were aiming for. We have now introduced a points system which increase based on the the time you hold the majority of the objectives. This new change means teams will need to gain victory points which are earned when a team controls the majority of the capture points within a sector. Hopefully this explains easier
  14. Welcome Soldiers! For this development update, we’ll be detailing the changes coming to the Frontlines game mode with the next update. This is part of the refactoring of our game modes, with Frontlines going through a complete overhaul ready for Operation Two, and Assault receiving an update a little later down the line. Currently, the game mode is broken up into a number of timed phases. During each phase, a sector of territory with multiple small capture points is contested, and the team that controls the majority of the capture points at the end of the time will win the phase. With this not delivering the gameplay we are aiming for, the new version of Frontlines will play out differently. Timelapse of the new system. Frontlines will now be made up of sector’s that contain an odd number of capture points. Teams must capture the objectives to gain victory points, which are earned when a team controls the majority of the capture points within a sector A phase concludes when a team reaches the required threshold of victory points, at which point they gain control of the contested sector, and the adjacent sector belonging to the opposing team becomes neutral. Score HUD widget shows each teams victory points, the number of phases won and the objectives held in the current phase. After a phase is concluded, there will be a timed delay (duration still to be finalised) where the next set of capture points will not be visible on the minimap or UI for either team, in order to give the advancing team a chance to get a foothold in the subsequent sector as the defenders could easily fall back and gain a large advantage otherwise Note: Frontlines will be tested and the new system modified based on feedback. Some details are subject to change. Note 2: The number of capture points scales depending on how many players are in the server at the time a phase begins Victory Conditions If one team wins 3 phases, that team wins If one team captures the enemy’s last sector, that team wins If the time limit for the round runs out, the team with the most sectors wins If both teams own an equal number of sectors, the team with the most victory points in the current phase wins If both teams have an equal amount of victory points, the team with the most capture points in their control wins If both teams have an equal amount of capture points in their control, the game ends in a draw We’re excited to see the communities feedback when these changes arrive, and you can expect an additional article in the near future detailing the changes coming to Assault. In the meantime, stay posted Soldiers! BUY NOW ON STEAM
  15. Welcome Soldiers! A short update to start of the week on a new feature that’s been recently completed by the development team. As countries engaged all efforts in the war, many divisions and units were deployed and saw action on the Western Front. With this in mind, and committing to our goal of delivering an authentic experience, multiple factions will be seen fighting together Beyond the Wire. Adding a new system for Operation Two, the Harlem Hellfighters and the AEF will be on the battlefield alongside the French. Allowing players able to play as a French unit or as the Hellfighters / AEF when deploying into relevant maps, with both forces fighting side by side. Section options per team are yet to be finalised. But the system is in the final stages of testing and ready to roll with the next update. This system gives us a great foundation to introduce more sub-factions in future updates before leaving Early Access. There are many heroic units and valorous deeds from The Great War. We are looking forward to honouring them in our own way. Once Operation Two arrives we’ll be updating our roadmap, including news on the next sub-factions that we have planned! For now though, stay posted Soldiers!
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