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  1. Welcome Soldiers! Our latest Fields of Battle article presents Frise, a battle from the Somme. With nearly 3 million soldiers fighting on both sides in the battle of The Somme more than 1 million were killed or injured, making it one of the bloodiest battles in human history. After a week of heavy shelling to disrupt German defences, the British and French armies advanced on the lines to the North and South of the Somme in hopes of pushing back the enemy. However, the German Empire had dug deep and reinforced their position which slowed the British and French forces, inflicting massive casualties with each day of fighting. Spanning 1.2km² of playable area, the Frise battlefield features rolling hills, abandoned farm grounds and thick tree coverage that creates diverse biomes to fight over. This wide range of environmental features means Frise will have the most variety of the maps that will be launching at Early Access. The assault begins with forces having to navigate through marshlands and over shallow rivers before progressing to the open fields of Frise. With many areas being ideal for defensive positions, the German Empire has spent time strengthening during their occupation making the approach from the Entente as difficult as possible. Evidence of the initial skirmishes can be seen around the map, destroyed landships and burning crops reveal the difficulty ahead for both sides. With plenty of open ground to cover, teams must capitalise on any breakthrough before the enemy can regain their footing and establish rigorous defence lines. Following the Somme river across the open haybale fields and ruined farm buildings, the map has many obstacles to progress through in order to advance. The remains of the Frise village presents a choke point for the advancing forces as firefights break out over roads and streets. High storey buildings and the surrounding bush must be flushed of any encamped enemies to ensure the position can be reinforced, allowing the village to be utilised as a springboard for the next advance. With the French and British applying pressure across the front, the rear line of the Germans has been dug in a hurry and without reinforcement or extensive layouts, meaning the low earthen trenches provide just enough cover up to the middle ground. Join us tomorrow for a developer livestream where we will be taking an in-depth look at Frise. We'll be live at 11 AM PDT / 6 PM UTC. WISHLIST NOW ON STEAM
  2. Welcome to the community Cosmos See you in the trenches!
  3. Welcome Soldiers! Development for Beyond The Wire is now motoring along rapidly with weekly alpha testing helping us prepare for launching on Steam later this year. With that release now on the horizon, the team have begun looking at life Beyond The Wire once we're in the Early Access phase and reassessing some of the decisions in several areas. One of the subjects of discussion is level design and the library of maps we are planning on releasing. We have already revealed that the three maps that will be coming to Early Access would be Passchendaele, Argonne and The Somme. Due to our level design being tailored to sizes that promote the atmosphere, immersion and gameplay that we are aiming for, we have decided to make a slight change in direction for the naming of these maps. The battlefields and front lines of The Great War were on a massive scale, so large that our maps can only depict certain areas that don't necessarily justify the name of the whole battle. Taking this consideration into our plans for environments and playable areas, both current and future, we have made changes to the names of the three maps we're launching with. Our maps are more representative of specific sectors within the larger battle and our naming convention now aligns with this. These name changes reflect more accurately the sector that they are inspired by and also gives us room to expand on the frontlines of these three battles with future maps. Having multiple maps portraying these huge battles opens up possibilities for us to explore in the future as our game becomes more feature-complete and Beyond The Wire moves towards full release. All of our future maps will now follow this naming convention and we're looking forward to showcasing these new environments before too long! Passchendaele will be changing to Zonnebeke. Argonne will be named Ansoncourt. The Somme will become Frise. Frise is the final map we are due to showcase, and we are planning on delivering that very soon so keep the eyes peeled for that developer blog! For the meantime, here is a first screenshot of the map from in-game! As always Soldiers stay posted for the next update!
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    We're launching to Early Access in 2020, although a launch date hasn't been announced yet
  5. Welcome Soldiers! In our player roles developer blog, we mentioned orders that Section Leader’s are able to activate which affects nearby section members. This week’s instalment will look at these Officer abilities and how they will benefit a section’s effectiveness in battle. The effects are placed on section members who are within range of their Section Leader when the ability is activated so sections that move together will get the most out of these abilities and will drive the momentum of the battle. With only one ability allowed to be active at any time, Section Leaders are responsible for issuing these orders for the right times and situations. The Section Leader abilities are the first implementation with the values, durations and cooldowns going through reiteration as we test balancing. We will also be looking at adding additional orders as we move through development, with potential faction-specific abilities coming later down the line. Increase movement speed This effect will increase the movement capabilities of the section. Motivating his section to cover ground, an Officer can help ensure his section crosses open terrain quicker to avoid excessive casualties during the advance. While this ability is active, the sections movement speed is increased by 50% for 3 seconds. Effect: Increased player movement speed Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 5 minutes Increase damage resistance Section Leader’s have the option to support their unit by reducing all damage taken. While this buff is active, the section is able to withstand higher levels of damage beyond normal limits while clinching objectives or holding an overwhelmed flank. Active for 3 seconds, this ability reduces damage taken by 25%. Effect: Reduce damage taken Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 5 minutes Reduce stamina cost To prevent weariness from the exhausting crossing of no man’s land, Officers can push their section the extra distance to safety. This ability reduces the drain all actions have on stamina. Take the fight to the enemy by being fresh and battle-ready when reaching the opposing trench line. This ability lasts for 3 seconds and reduces stamina cost by 50%. Effect: Reduce stamina cost of any action Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 5 minutes Increase charge speed With bayonet’s fixed, Officers are able to boost their section’s sprint speed during bayonet charges. This increased speed allows a unit to close the distance with the enemy en-masse to get within striking range. The charge buff is active for 3 seconds and increases charge speed by 50%. Effect: Faster sprint speed while bayonet charging Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 5 minutes We'll be posting updates on these abilities as we move through development and refine this system. Stay posted for further dev blogs!
  6. Hey Rahim! Welcome to the community mate
  7. Welcome to the Community! Glad to have you here
  8. Welcome Soldiers! For this developer blog, we are showcasing our animations and the gore system that will be featured in Beyond The Wire. These aspects will be central to the experience we’re aiming to deliver and having realistic animations and an extensive gore system will help immerse players into the atmosphere of the war. Animations With a priority on realism, while considering gameplay aspects, we have built and tailored our animations to find the balance that best achieves the feeling that players are controlling more than just a camera. Aspects such as inertia gives a physical quality that grounds the animation in the environment and contributes to immersion. From movement speed to weapon reloads, our team has fine-tuned all aspects to ensure players are able to manoeuvre through the battlefield and engage the enemy while maintaining balance across the various roles that are available. In order to deliver a realistic look for the characters in-game, we use references from period photographs and video that can give us the starting point for the various poses and stances of soldiers. Our animators, along with our historical advisors, then go through the key poses for each animation to ensure everything is correct. From these points, we blend the poses to ensure a realistic movement is presented in both third-person and first-person viewpoints. We have placed initial priority on the first-person animations that players immediately see, but we have also placed emphases on third-person animations so that soldiers moving around you help contribute to the authentic experience. We have implemented a wide range of movements in Beyond The Wire which covers various speeds, stances and traversing obstacles and cover elements. Being able to climb and vault allows players to navigate obstacles and the environment itself, while stance changes let players take advantage of different types of cover and concealment. Gore The industrialization of warfare at the turn of the 20th century had devastating effects on the soldiers who fought in this war. In order to deliver a true WW1 experience in-game, we have begun developing an early gore system that will bring these horrors to life. Fragmentation grenades, artillery shells and heavy calibre weapons all have brutal effects on your character and if you cannot avoid these, there is small hope of recovery. The damage to your character will have a direct effect on whether your teammates can revive you to return to the fight. If your character has suffered any dismemberment, you cannot be revived and will need to respawn. This is the first iteration of the system and will be changing as we move through development. Note: Gore effects exaggerated for demonstration purposes. The impact of this system on your character will vary depending on the projectile type and area of the body that’s hit. In addition to player movements, we also have a ragdoll system that replicates the effects of force on the player model. The severity of the ragdoll will change dependant on the projectile type. Our system differentiates based on impact force so players will go from a slump animation after receiving a sniper round, to blown out of a trench from a large artillery shell. Our gore system can be disabled for those players who prefer to play without the system active. Standby for the next instalment of developer blogs, Soldier!
  9. Welcome Soldiers! After recently adding more weapons into the mix with the Armament Update article, this week's developer blog is to show off the current arsenal with some in-game footage of the guns that the French and German forces will be handling when heading out Beyond The Wire. With weapon handling being a core component of the game, our animations and systems have been built to create engaging gun play in every firefight. Mixing a blend of accurate bolt-action rifles, scathing machine gun fire and shells from above, players can utilize a host of weapons to approach the battle. In order to generate the atmosphere we’re wanting to deliver in Beyond The Wire, special attention has to be paid to the sound and visual effects. With the introduction and heavy use of weapons systems such as machine guns and artillery, our sound design has been built to bathe the player in the cacophony of a WW1 battlefield. In addition to sound design, our visual effects are also needing to deliver an authentic experience for the players. Gas clouds, artillery explosions, grenade explosion and impact effects are all part of this system that we hope will deliver the most immersive WW1 experience to date. French Republic The French army had to meet the new threat of war with various innovations and improvements to their equipment. From the increased demand for semi-automatic pistols to reliable, efficient machine guns, the French arsenal went under vast improvements from the demands of the conflict. German Empire The German Empire had been investing vast resources towards the armies’ needs in the build-up to the start of the war. New technologies were explored which led to some of the finest weaponry of the modern era. Off-map support The deployment of industrialized artillery is available to commanders from each faction. These systems are offered as call-in options from off-map support including artillery, gas and smoke shells. These support functions will be going under several reiterations and improvements throughout development. See you at the next briefing, Soldier! WISHLIST NOW ON STEAM
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  11. Welcome Soldiers! For this week's instalment of developer blog, we're revealing some of the game modes that will be coming to Early Access. These modes and the objectives are pivotal to delivering the authentic WW1 experience we are aiming for. Beyond The Wire will be launching to Early Access with two game modes, with more coming soon after. These game modes will feature all factions on all three maps to deliver our interpretation of the ebb and flow of The Great War. Bear in mind these game modes will go through changes and adaptations as development progresses. Frontlines Aiming to replicate the push-pull, attack and counter-attack of trench warfare, this game mode will pit forces against each other as they both attempt to gain control of the same territories across the battlefield. This mode will require players to take control of the open areas of the battlefield before pushing on to the enemies trench system, where the engagements become close quarters. The game mode is broken up into a number of timed phases. During each phase a sector of territory with multiple small capture points will be contested, the team that controls the majority of the capture points at the end of the time will win the phase and move onto the next territory in direction of the losing team’s HQ. The team that holds the most territory at the end of the phases, or the team who captures the enemy’s HQ, will win. Assault For this game mode, one team will need to prepare for an assault from the enemy team. The attacking team needs to capture sectors and work through the battlefield to push the defenders back to the HQ. Defending forces simply need to hold until the assaulting team has run out of time. Attacking teams will need to break from the safety of their entrenched positions in order to apply pressure on the objectives. This initial advance will be the toughest challenge but the momentum can be maintained once the positions are secure Each sector must be captured before the assault can advance, and each sector may have different amounts of capture points. These objectives will become strategic positions that can be exploited to assist the next advance. If attacking teams capture one objective they will need to ensure they remain in control of that area as they continue to capture the remaining objectives in the sector. Keep those eyes open for further detail, Soldiers! WISHLIST NOW ON STEAM
  12. We don't have terrain deformation unfortunately but we would love to see if we can implement it at some point!
  13. Welcome Soldiers! Following on from the reveal of Passchendaele we now move the front over to the second map in development, Argonne. To offer a different experience in-game we decided to explore the setting of the Argonne which will demand a change in approach to the battle, given the environmental factors of a forest location. While not being completely accurate to history, we aimed to deliver a different feeling that would break up the barren look of no man’s land that featured so heavily during WW1. The Meuse-Argonne Offensive was part of the final Allied offensive of World War I and was one of the attacks that brought an end to the War. With over a million American soldiers deployed to the front, it was the largest operation of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) in World War I. Ranging from the dense woodland of the Argonne Forest, sprawling, extensive trenches and engulfing shell craters, the Argonne will be one of the most diverse environments in Beyond The Wire. Featuring 1km² of playable area, players will need to be alert to the enemies movement to prevent surprise assaults from all sides. The level is designed for players to traverse a variety of environmental challenges before converging on an opening between the tree lines where a downed aircraft and huge craters make for a tough grind to push back the enemy. The open land is ideal for machine gun cover to assist the friendly charge but this opening will be well contested as teams try to claim a foothold beyond their lines. The dense forest gives some opportunity for sections to move outside of the trench networks on their advance, but safety can only be partly guaranteed inside the well-established trenches, which have been largely untouched prior to the offensive. Moving through the trenches carries it’s own risks though, with underground bunkers and high walls hiding threats around each corner. Flanking routes are available to the North and South for any assault squad looking to surprise the enemy. Gully’s and thick tree lines offer some concealment for those manoeuvres, however, teams will need to concentrate their forces at the centre to ensure strategic positions are held in order to support the advance. Join us today at 11 AM PST / 6PM UTC for a developer livestream where we will take an extended look at the Argonne with creative director Bruno and level designer Maurice! See you then, Soldiers!
  14. Welcome Soldiers! Not long after announcing the Beyond The Wire we presented the first look at some of the firearms that will be featured in Early Access. Development is moving rapidly now and we have some more weapons to showcase for you. Coming in hot off the supply train are more armaments that you will be facing when heading out Beyond The Wire. MG-08 The Germans were among the first to realize that a good heavy machine gun must not only have good performance, but would need to be mounted to unlock it's full potential. The MG 08 lafette could fold into a sled for quick transportation across the ground. In design, it was more complex but quite comfortable in use and better prepared for trench warfare than some competitors. Like all relatives of the Maxim machine gun, the MG 08 was extremely reliable and ideal for positional warfare - operators only needing to refresh the water coolant and keep ammunition replenished. During the Great War, the MG 08 was often modified with small gun shields, armour for the cooling jacket and muzzle cones to reduce the visibility and brightness of the bursts. Ruby Pistol A large order of these pistols from different contractors gave impetus to the development of the Spanish arms industry, but due to the difference in the quality of manufacture, batches of the same pistol from different manufacturers could actually differ significantly, up to non-interchangeability of magazines, barrel length, and the like. A large number of samples produced were of low quality and wore out quickly, which produced unsafe breakdowns. However, batches of Ruby pistols that were produced by qualified workers, with the right technology, proved to serve very well during both world wars. Lange Pistole 08 In 1913 German artillery crews were equipped with modified P.08 pistol which featured an enlarged barrel and a holster that could be used as a stock, transforming the pistol into a carbine for self-defence. In 1917 it was supplied with extended 32-round magazines and earned fame through the eager use by German stormtroopers. A powerful, reliable pistol with a comfortable stock and a capacious magazine was a very dangerous enemy for the Entente soldiers, who opposed mainly with revolvers or small-calibre, self-loading pistols. Keep those eyes out for future updates on weapons, Soldiers!
  15. Welcome Soldiers! In our last developer blog, we showed off some of the classes and roles that players will be able to pick up when heading out Beyond The Wire. And in order to get the maximum effectiveness from these roles, teams will need to gel their units together to make a cohesive fighting unit able to take on any challenge on the battlefield. The make-up of a force will have huge implications for their success on the frontline, and each battlefield will have its own trials that must be overcome. So for this week’s instalment, we’re revealing how the roles that players choose fit into the broader scope of the team and what different section types will be available during Early Access. Command Responsible for leading their forces to victory, the command section has access to call-ins from HQ that will give their side an edge in any engagement. Whether calling in a smoke barrage to provide concealment for advances or raining down artillery to puncture a defensive line, the commander is responsible for the overall strategy of his team and has the tools to break the stalemate of trench warfare. Loadouts available: Platoon Commander Signaller Infantry Section A frontline section that makes up the core element of the team. This unit has the flexibility in loadouts for whatever the task at hand is, whether being the spearhead of an advance or the mainstay of critical defence points. Players will need to complement their infantry units with others to create the base of their fighting force. Loadouts available: Infantry Officer Rifleman Medic Light machine gunner Grenadier Assault Machine Gun Detachment A small unit tasked with establishing fixed fire positions to suppress and wreak havoc on enemies in the open. With the ability to deploy a heavy machine gun emplacement, these sections will be tasked with covering friendly charges towards the enemy line through tremendous firepower and will be one of the main components of an organized defence. Unable to be moved easily, players must be wary of positioning and ensure they have friendly support to cover their flanks Loadouts available: HMG Crew NCO HMG Crewman Artillery Detachment No army is complete without the support of powerful industrialized artillery. The artillery detachment is responsible for deploying and manning powerful artillery pieces as well as building defensive fortifications. Like the machine gun detachment, the artillery gunners will need some protection from roaming enemies in order to maintain this superior firepower. Loadouts available: Gunner NCO Gunner Recon Detachment A small detachment of a marksman and his spotter. These units will be tasked with finding sniper positions in cover to eliminate high-value targets and report on the enemy position. Due to the lethality of this combination, teams will have to make a priority of flushing out vantage points and sniper coverings to ensure the safety of their comrades. Loadouts available: Scout NCO Sniper That is all for this week's instalment, we hope you have a better idea of how teams in Beyond The Wire will line up before the fight. Stay posted for further detail and information, Soldier! WISHLIST NOW ON STEAM
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