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  1. Welcome Soldiers! February is soon over and another month of development is complete. With Operation Two: For King and Country lined up for the next update for Beyond The Wire and only a couple of months away, we’ll take a closer look at some of the progress being made on the project. British Expeditionary Force Character Models The British are coming! The player models for the BEF have been completed and ready to be textured. With new equipment, uniform and clothing we’ll have a complete breakdown of the faction closer to release, but for the moment check out these amazing models! Poelcappelle, Flanders Work has continued on the fields of battle for Operation Two. With Poelcappelle having been prototyped and now whiteboxed, the dressing of the level has started. This map from the third battle of Ypres will contrast sporadic farm ruins and wide-open no man’s land and will be fought over by the BEF and German Empire. Weapons Berthier Fusil Mle 1907/15 As the first world war dragged on, the French army began to suffer a shortage of Lebel rifles. To make up for the deficit, a modified version of the colonial 3-round clip-fed Mle 1907 Fusil was produced, with the main difference of being able to mount the standard Lebel pattern bayonet. The new rifle was initially issued to the Foreign Legion and allied countries starting in 1915, later being sent to regular French infantry units and the segregated African-American regiments of the U.S. Army. It was well-liked for its quick reloading en-bloc clips but found lacking for its capacity of only 3 rounds. Rechsrevolver M1883 A large, bulky, simple, and reliable revolver – the M1883 was adopted shortly after the founding of the German nation to replace percussion handguns still in service from the formerly independent kingdoms. Firing slowly from a single-action trigger, reloading slowly from individual cylinders, and firing a cartridge slightly weaker than a .45 ACP, it was nothing spectacular by the time of the first world war – but still saw some limited service throughout the conflict. SMLE Bayonet The bayonet for the SMLE will see much action in the trenches of the Western Front, both rifle-attached and in hand-to-hand combat. No. 27 Smoke Grenade, Mk 1 No. 5 Mills Bomb The British smoke bomb and grenadehigh poly models below showcase the personal explosives that the BEF forces will be engaging with. No. 20 rifle grenade The rifle grenade the Brit's will be employing - this intricate model is finished and awaiting the final touches of development. Standby for the upcoming BEF faction reveal for further detail on the weaponry and equipment that will be coming in Operation Two. .303 British Vickers HMG Based on older Maxim gun designs, the new Vickers Mk I was adopted by the British army prior to the war. Despite this, there was only a small handful available at the outset, and the British went to France mostly with older Maxim models in service – the Vickers becoming more common by 1915 and 1916. As the war progressed a variety of mounts were produced, such as for anti-aircraft fire or rapid redeployment, many of which were improvised as well. With its bulky weight and water-cooled design, the weapon could sustain accurate fire for long periods of time, and could even be used in an indirect-fire role - creating a 'beaten-zone' which denied the enemy reinforcement routes. HMG Animations Further animations while operating heavy machine guns are also on the way. Players using certain mounts of HMG will side-step around the pivot point, adding a much more realistic movement for the operator, and adding to the immersion felt on our battlefields. Sound Design Aiming to deliver even more immersion on the frontline, audio cues have been added when players are shot. There will now be subtle audio feedback depending on the situation, such as when friendlies suffer a headshot around you, or you register a hit on an enemy player. Faction win/loss theme Another QOL addition coming soon will be the theme music for each faction for round win and loss scenarios. Adding our flare to the recognisable national anthems, these songs will greet you at the end of your battle. BUY NOW ON STEAM
  2. Hey, please check this guide to see if it resolves the issue https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051466671-Audio-Issues
  3. The binoculars are used by several loadouts, currently used mainly for recon or viewing the battlefield. Section Leaders and the Commander can place markers by pressing LMB while using the binos - this places the bomb marker which the commander can use to call in their off-map support (artillery, smoke, gas barrages) by accessing the command map
  4. Welcome Soldiers! Our latest Fields of Battle article arrives in time for the February update and brings a spotlight to Château-Thierry, the next map to release for Beyond The Wire. Shifting the frontline to the first and second battle of the Marne, this new map is our most geographically diverse to date. This new field of battle features a variety of small villages, an airfield, farmland, forests, destroyed towns, river crossing, trench lines, ammunition depots, underground bunkers and a large Château situated on the highest point of the map. Dominating the map is the Chateau, which won't be enterable for this first release as we work on building out the interior. Being a major control point, sections wanting to expand their territory must gain a foothold on the Château grounds before progressing. The large building takes up a capture zone which will need to be defended from all angles if teams are to hold the position. Entrenched positions and low trench networks lead up to the Château, providing cover and elevation to help defend the surrounding area. Entente forces will need to take a dangerous river crossing before pushing through the outer village and on to the Château and will need to call for support from fire support sections to ensure any gained ground is held. A temporary airfield has been established to help ease the difficulties of resupplying the frontline across land. With this area being critical to the operation of the enemy, forces must prioritise commandeering the landing strip to disrupt the enemies infrastructure. With pitched tents and a secured perimeter making security difficult, claiming the airfield will carry a heavy cost. Low stone walls line the edges of farmyards and poppy fields that remain untouched by the shelling, for now. The varying elevation of these fields and outhouses present further difficulties for infantry looking to strengthen the flank. German HQ is an array of strong points and bunkers interconnected with a shallow trench system. If the German side loses the Château they will need to act quickly to reinforce the area before the Entente forces breakthrough. With this brand new map just around the corner, we're excited to bring the battle of the Marne to Beyond The Wire. Stay posted, Soldier!
  5. Flamethrowers are something the team are looking to implement in the future. We've ran some prototypes and experimented on a system but we don't expect them to make it into the game for a while yet
  6. Welcome to the community! Glad to have you here
  7. Welcome Soldiers! We return with our new development recap article, this time taking a look at the work done for January. Progress has been made on content coming in February, while parts of the team have been concentrating on changes and addition coming with Operation Two. Check out some of the first bits of info we have for our first major content drops arriving in this first quarter of 2021. British Expeditionary Force Weaponry for the BEF is on the way, and we can showcase some of the low poly models recently completed. With many iconic weapons coming with the British arsenal, we’re excited to bring this force to the battlefield. SMLE Mk. III* The incremental design evolution from Lee-Metford produced the SMLE Mk. III, kept up to modern standards by various updates. It was still lacking and was going to be replaced by the P14, until the declaration of war locked in the SMLE as the standard rifle. The BEF entered the conflict with a rifle designed for the new engagements of a WW1 battlefield. With an ergonomic bolt design allowing rapid fire techniques such as ‘The Mad Minute’, the British forces had the perfect platform to halt the advance of the German Empire in 1914 Lewis Gun Taking an American design and refining for use on the Western Front, the BEF were one of the first to adopt the LMG. Using the same cartridge as the Vickers and with a similar rate of fire, the Lewis Gun is far easier for soldiers to carry, get set up, and use in the attack than the HMG alternative. Webley Mark VI The British military officially adopted the Mark VI revolver from 1915 to 1923, with the revolver seeing heavy use during this time. Like most revolvers, the Webley Mark VI held six rounds of ammunition in .445 calibre, making the weapon ideal for trench fighting. Combles, Somme Work has begun on the prototyping of the level coming in Operation Two, Combles. This battle from the Somme will be a major battlefield for the BEF and we’ve already started designing the level and creating points of interest. The larger red cylinder represents one of the headquarters. This one overlooks the village (orange cylinder) which features trench networks and tunnels. The smaller red cylinders are fortified firing positions that players can secure and capture going up the hill. Pioneer Section Deployables The engineers will be affecting the battlefield with these new options for defendable positions. Erecting hardcover and wooden platforms, Pioneers will start to take on an imperative role on the battlefield with these new additions. Runtime Virtual Texturing The art team has worked on implementing a new landscape blending technique. Utilising Runtime Virtual Texturing, our art team are now able to better blend and integrate assets placed in the landscape. [video width="984" height="720" mp4="https://btwmedia.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/05053010/7fdd48acfe5ebce0c3d9bb8eac5de9bb.mp4"][/video] Commander Section Changes Turning attention towards gameplay systems, our design team have iterated on the command section. Up to now, Commanders would be restricted to the telephone placement to interact with the command menu. These commander changes are still in the works but expect them soon. [video width="992" height="536" mp4="https://btwmedia.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/05092110/Commander.mp4"][/video] Melee System Also in development are some changes to the melee system. With new weapons coming and more dynamics planned for melee, we continue to review the system to ensure it remains a core feature for the game. Taking onboard the discussions within the community we noticed a need to allow players more control over their attacks and combinations. One strong suggestion which we’re working on including is a new ‘wind-up’ technique, giving players the ability to wind-up their attack so they can time their strikes. Our February update will include a change with bayonet attacks being blocked by bolt racking animations. Next update means players will no longer be caught hopeless after firing a missed shot, bayonet attacks will cancel the animation, giving time to redeem your first attempt. We'll be back next week with a Fields of Battle article looking at the next map to release, Chateau-Thierry. Stay posted, Soldiers!
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    Welcome Mark! Great to have you here
  9. Welcome Soldiers! We return to our development updates for 2021 with a new take for updating you on the important work that's been going on behind the scenes! These new recaps will be showcasing more work in progress from across the team, including detailing any gameplay and feature changes. We’ll be delivering these every month to show the progress being made on Beyond The Wire. Our recent article on the road map update showed new weapons coming in February. With this being a hot topic of discussion, we've highlighted this work for the first Development Recap - check out the latest work being completed on the project! Note: These assets may change depending on project requirements. Weapons Modèle 1897 75mm field cannon The first and third-person animations have recently been completed for the new Modèle 1897 75mm field cannon. The Modèle 1897 will be deployed by the AEF and French Republic artillery crews and replaces the placeholder Feldkanone 96 that has been used by all factions up to now. First person reload animation Third person reload animation FRENCH NAIL Taking inspiration from the many references of makeshift weapons, we're bringing the brutal Nail Knife to the trenches! A predecessor to the M1916, French forces would modify bayonet blades to craft make-shift Trench knives. M1916 Knife Following the Nail was the M1916. This knife became standard issue for the French forces, giving better personal defence for the French Army when engaged in close-quarters. This design inspired other Entente forces to issue their own variant. Sharpened Spade A trench rat's best friend in more ways than one! Entrenching tools like spades were often modified and used as melee weapons, being dangerous in multiple applications. Sharpened edges were a common change, making the shovel both heavy and sharp. RSC 1917 Coming in our next update is the recently completed RSC 1917. This self-loading rifle has 3 and 5 round capacity magazines, making it one of the first of it’s kind to go out Beyond The Wire. In the theatre diluted with bolt-actions, soldiers carrying a self-loading rifle have a distinct advantage Hotchkiss 1914 Our French forces will also be receiving their own HMG, the Benét–Mercié. Now fully textured and ready to rip, this popular machine gun will be arriving in our next update in various forms! Colt-Vickers 1915 And we're almost ready to bring out the first of the British inspired weaponry as well. The Colt-Vickers was an adapted version of the British Vickers Machine Gun used by the AEF towards the end of the war. Again coming with an option of mounts, the Colt-Vickers will be the main HMG of choice for the American forces. Third person reload animation We’ll be discussing these additions and the updated roadmap in our upcoming developer livestream. We’ll be live on twitch next week so stay posted for news on all fronts. See you then!
  10. Welcome Soldiers! With a new year upon us, we've taken the opportunity to review our road map and make some changes for the first few months of 2021. Our second Operation 'For King and Country' is still slated for Q1 but we've introduced a new update to deliver content for the game sooner than our original plan. Check out the updated road map graphic below! Coming in the second month of the year will be Chateau-Thierry, a battle from Marne, in addition to new emplaced weapons, rifles and melee weapons. This map was originally part of the 'For King and Country' update but has now been replaced by a new map - Combles, a battle from the Somme offensive. We'll be detailing this new February update over the next few developer blogs, so be sure to stay posted for news coming over the horizon! Before that intel arrives, reconnaissance has forwarded the first imagery from Chateau-Thierry in preparation for the assault! See you in the trenches, Soldier!
  11. You can send me a DM Note: Several copied posts deleted
  12. The signaller role is far from finished at the moment, and their role/responsibilities will be different on release. We're planning on adding to the role to make it more engaging and rewarding for players. Watch this space!
  13. The update will load automatically, the only input needed would be to clear cached data in the settings but this isn't necessary just recommended
  14. Welcome Soldiers! Our December update brings a new field of battle to Beyond The Wire. Cantigny will take players to be part of the spring offensive of 1918, and the first major assault that the AEF led, alongside the French Republic, since entering the war a year earlier. Despite only being a small hamlet of farmyards, houses and shops, the village of Cantigny was important geographically to both sides with Paris, Amiens and the English Channel all within striking distance. After seeing many years of undisturbed peace despite seeing conflict earlier in the war, The German Empire took control of Cantigny during spring offensive in March 1918, and after suffering through a month of artillery exchange, the AEF launched a counter-attack to retake the small village. Across the whole battlefield, the damage from the early barrages is evident. Water filled craters make for treacherous crossing even without enemy fire. The engineers have constructed narrow wooden bridges and placed duckboards where the mud and water are particularly troublesome. Both forces have to fight through the remnants of the hamlet as they progress. The low stone walls and reinforced firing platforms offer positions of hardcover for infantry to prepare for the next push. The outer edges of the farmland feature dense hedgerows which provide concealment when looking for flanking opportunities. Thick rows of barbed wire have been erected around the hamlet as defences, blocking paths and funnelling infantry through dangerous chokepoints. Soldiers must be wary of pushing through thick hedgerows though as coils of wire line many of the foliage around the area. With long lines of sight, fire support crews have an abundance of options on engaging in the battle. With the barbed-wire chokepoints making traversal awkward for infantry, HMG and artillery detachments can take advantage of well-planned positions to protect exposed flanks. At the centre of the map is the Cantigny Cathedral which has been heavily fortified in preparation for the assault. Hills of barbed wire have been installed around the building to deter the entente from entering. The old Catacombs that lie beneath the cathedral have been established as a temporary storeroom. Attacking forces must enter the dark and gloomy corridors to flush out any enemies, removing any threat of ambush from below. Safety in the rear lines is found through the entrenched positions at headquarters. Teams will need to move through a short stage of field encampments and trench networks before hitting the main fields of battle. Join us tomorrow, Friday 11th December at 11 AM PST / 7 PM UTC for a developer livestream taking a look at this December update! BUY NOW ON STEAM
  15. Unfortunately console release isn't something the team are looking at for the moment, but I personally feel BTW would make a great controller game. If it's something that's possible in the future then we would love to do it, it's just not in our scope at this moment in time.
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