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  1. BLITZ

    Road Map?

    Welcome to the community! We released the first revision of our Road Map last week https://playbtw.com/beyond-the-wire-road-map/ This graphic will be updated in time as we reveal further plans for development. For posting suggestions we have an area on our forums as well as a channel in our official discord for feedback so either of these channels is great! Glad you're enjoying the game! See you in the trenches!
  2. There is partial controller support but it isn't fully implemented yet
  3. Welcome Soldiers! After an extremely exciting month of release, working to get hotfixes our for major issues and some recovery time for the team, we are now spinning up to deliver the major instalments of Early Access content for Beyond The Wire. Below you can find the initial road map that we will be updating over time as content is and timelines are cemented. The final months of this year will see players enter the battle of Cantigny, the first assault of the AEF which featured a combined effort with the French Republic. Our upcoming developer blog and livestream will take a look at this new field of battle in more detail. Also included in this update will be the first version of our Training Range where players can hone their skills offline. Operation Two: For King and Country arrives in Q1 of 2021 with the British Expeditionary Force joining the battlefield. Two new maps will also come with this new faction, Sechault and Saint-Thierry and Poelcapelle. Operation Two also includes the first sub-faction for BTW - The Harlem Hellfighters, who will be an option as a faction on certain maps. The 369th Infantry Regiment was one of the first American regiments to serve alongside the French Army and we're excited to feature this infamous force! Following on from the second operation will be further instalments where you can expect new weaponry, maps, sub-factions and more! As always, stay posted for future updates on development. See you in the trenches Soldiers!
  4. Melee weapons are available for all roles and assigned to the '2' key in the inventory. Currently we have a number of melee weapons including clubs and bayonets. We're planning on implementing more melee weapons as development progresses
  5. BLITZ


    Servers run an autoban on players who commit more than 7 team kills. The ban is usually lifted automatically at the end of the round but it if doesn't you canget in touch with the server owners to appeal. We have a channel on our discord with a register of server owners so you can get in touch with them.
  6. BLITZ


    Welcome to the community Anthrage! Look forward to seeing you in the trenches!
  7. Welcome to the Community B.W.C.C! Looking forward to seeing you in the trenches!
  8. BLITZ

    Hello hello

    Welcome to the community OBM! There's no level or progression system in the game so you have access to all weapons and loadouts. Bear in mind some of the speciality roles are restricted per team for balance reasons. See you in the trenches!
  9. Hey Kingkat! Manual bolting is a feature in our game but can be specified in the 'game' tab of the options to be auto or manual. You'll also see in this settings tab options for hold/press for certain actions like leaning and crouching. Additional tips are 'C' for equipping bayonet AND deploying the bipod on LMG's. Pressing MMB with the bayonet attached is a bayonet thrust, and holding MMB while sprinting will allow you to bayonet charge. Third I would say would be the radial menu as an NCO. Hold 'T' to bring up the Section abilities menu, giving access to orders, call-outs and abilities. We'll be releasing tutorials to help new players learn some of these mechanics so stay posted! Good luck in the trenches!
  10. Hey OBM! Try some of these temporary fixes while we're investigating 1. Disable UAC https://knowledge.autodesk.com/search-result/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/How-to-turn-off-User-Account-Control-in-Windows.html 2. Go to audio control panel, go into the properties of your headset / microphone, and make sure none of them have "Listen to this device" enabled. 3. In the same audio control panel, disable every device (right click > Disable) including the devices you want to use, then re-enable only the devices you want to use. 4. Kill any razor background software running (cortex/synapse for example) 5. Run Beyond The Wire as an administrator (go to the install directory and launch the btw_launcher.exe file as an admin) 6. In the audio control panel set your microphone format under Advanced > default format to 44100 Hz (CD quality) or 48000 Hz (DVD)
  11. Rifleman carry ammo bags which you can resupply from, however there is a bug at the moment preventing it. Standby for a hotfix coming really soon!
  12. BLITZ

    Crashing on Win7

    Hi, We are looking to get a hotfix out for this crash today which should fix it. Let us know if it works!
  13. Welcome to the community. See you in the trenches!
  14. BLITZ

    Hello guys

    Welcome nachovsky!
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