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  1. I agree with the author. It would be smart to price the game at a sensible level to ensure the game launches at inception with a decent-size playerbase.
  2. This is a great community by the looks of it!
  3. Goose


    Hello, I'm Goose. I have played Rising Storm 2 Vietnam for a number of years and will be migrating my community and clan to this game upon release. One question for the developers however:
  4. Hello Beyond the Wire fans, Phoenix Gaming will be opening a server in Beyond the Wire upon release. We are always looking for new clan members! We are an established clan, operating one of the most popular Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam dedicated servers in the world. Our success is based on our shared culture of not taking gaming too seriously and embracing the internet culture of memes! Check out our website : https://www.phoenixgamingclan.com Join our discord : https://discord.io/phxgaming
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