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  1. I heard there is going to be Americans in early access whats there weapons
  2. No but it supposed to release this year if not next year
  3. Michael Luke


    I noticed that my rank changed from private to lance corporal
  4. Desole pour mon mauvais francais mais je travaille ladessus pour tester la physique des armes
  5. Ok then it was from The Tactical Brit "Beyond The Wire is Looking Awesome" and it is lol
  6. Do you have a channel called miffidurf gaming
  7. A youtuber said that he played it yesterday was it yesterday
  8. Whats your tag for discord and i cant find the server

    1. Krispy


      discord.gg/playbtw is the link

      Let me know when you are in 🙂 

    2. Michael Luke

      Michael Luke

      Im in plus i friend requested you 

  9. Will there be Americans in early access
  10. Very interesting video, it gives me a tense chill feeling of the trench warfare gameplay will be
  11. Yes they released it sometime in March and i believe i saw it in your mordhau type melee system video about a month ago, please correct me if im wrong
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