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  1. I think you'll be able to sign up, after the first wave of testing, then when the 2nd wave comes you can sign up again. Those who signed up already, and didn't get in the first wave are staying registered for the next pool of testing. Don't quote me on this one, it's what I think.
  2. Was a great stream, can't wait for the next, all of this information is keeping us on our toes to know more for the future!
  3. Tommy

    Your WWI

    Hey. There is a lot that drew myself into exploring, and getting myself really interested in WW1, it is just the sheer amount of technological progression within the time period, which got me interested, and the battle conditions and paintings really depict how reality was back then, just the immersion of a game being set during WW1 is absolutely fascinating and great, quite a lot of inspiration came from paintings, books including games such as Verdun. Weaponry has always been that type of subject, which automatically gets you to review the era and so on, and not just standard issue weaponry which is interesting, even all the experimental ideas fascinate you, in how people wanted to design things. There is also the opening of tanks, I'm not such a big fan of tank warfare myself (I do prefer some good ol' classic fighting with rifles, and melee combat. Major praise to tanks nonetheless!), although the size and structures certainly catch your eye, if you're ever over the top! There is quite a lot of battles, that bring out how reality was back then, including the trenches how they were back then (despite during later in the war, trenches got less and less unorganized and far more advanced than in the early parts of the war.) I'm happy, honoured and humble, to be apart of this fantastic community, where communication is the highlight, with developers communicating to the public alongside more. I simply cannot wait to see what they hold for us in the future, the road as of now and ahead looks great! I'll see you on the battlefield!
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