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    Beyond the Wire is a large scale multiplayer first-person shooter immersing players in the frantic and bloody Western Front of the Great War. In battles with up to 100 real-world combatants, players will have to contend with large open maps and tight claustrophobic trenches. Utilizing both period-appropriate guns and a more tactical close-quarters melee combat system, the action in Beyond the Wire is more comprehensive than anything seen in a WW1 game to date. Soon entering Closed Alpha, Beyond the Wire will have an Early Access release in 2020. Wishlist now for development updates and information about release!
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    Hey. There is a lot that drew myself into exploring, and getting myself really interested in WW1, it is just the sheer amount of technological progression within the time period, which got me interested, and the battle conditions and paintings really depict how reality was back then, just the immersion of a game being set during WW1 is absolutely fascinating and great, quite a lot of inspiration came from paintings, books including games such as Verdun. Weaponry has always been that type of subject, which automatically gets you to review the era and so on, and not just standard issue weaponry which is interesting, even all the experimental ideas fascinate you, in how people wanted to design things. There is also the opening of tanks, I'm not such a big fan of tank warfare myself (I do prefer some good ol' classic fighting with rifles, and melee combat. Major praise to tanks nonetheless!), although the size and structures certainly catch your eye, if you're ever over the top! There is quite a lot of battles, that bring out how reality was back then, including the trenches how they were back then (despite during later in the war, trenches got less and less unorganized and far more advanced than in the early parts of the war.) I'm happy, honoured and humble, to be apart of this fantastic community, where communication is the highlight, with developers communicating to the public alongside more. I simply cannot wait to see what they hold for us in the future, the road as of now and ahead looks great! I'll see you on the battlefield!
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    Welcome Soldiers! Not long after announcing the Beyond The Wire we presented the first look at some of the firearms that will be featured in Early Access. Development is moving rapidly now and we have some more weapons to showcase for you. Coming in hot off the supply train are more armaments that you will be facing when heading out Beyond The Wire. MG-08 The Germans were among the first to realize that a good heavy machine gun must not only have good performance, but would need to be mounted to unlock it's full potential. The MG 08 lafette could fold into a sled for quick transportation across the ground. In design, it was more complex but quite comfortable in use and better prepared for trench warfare than some competitors. Like all relatives of the Maxim machine gun, the MG 08 was extremely reliable and ideal for positional warfare - operators only needing to refresh the water coolant and keep ammunition replenished. During the Great War, the MG 08 was often modified with small gun shields, armour for the cooling jacket and muzzle cones to reduce the visibility and brightness of the bursts. Ruby Pistol A large order of these pistols from different contractors gave impetus to the development of the Spanish arms industry, but due to the difference in the quality of manufacture, batches of the same pistol from different manufacturers could actually differ significantly, up to non-interchangeability of magazines, barrel length, and the like. A large number of samples produced were of low quality and wore out quickly, which produced unsafe breakdowns. However, batches of Ruby pistols that were produced by qualified workers, with the right technology, proved to serve very well during both world wars. Lange Pistole 08 In 1913 German artillery crews were equipped with modified P.08 pistol which featured an enlarged barrel and a holster that could be used as a stock, transforming the pistol into a carbine for self-defence. In 1917 it was supplied with extended 32-round magazines and earned fame through the eager use by German stormtroopers. A powerful, reliable pistol with a comfortable stock and a capacious magazine was a very dangerous enemy for the Entente soldiers, who opposed mainly with revolvers or small-calibre, self-loading pistols. Keep those eyes out for future updates on weapons, Soldiers!
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    Hello there, my name is Eugene and let me introduce myself. I've been an active content creator for about 4 years now, helped shipping and buildings mods. My WWI started with when Rising Storm 2 was about to release and I wanted to support it, so I decided WWI would be a good choice. A good way to learn history myself and perhaps participate in creating something truly ambitious. Unfortunately due to circumstances our team didnt succeed, however I have learned a lot from my experience. I'm hoping to bring something new to the title through utilizing SDK tools in the distant future and tell stories I previously couldnt. Cheers!
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    Good one from 2017 that did not get much publicity.
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    All Quiet On The Western Front, the black and white one
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    Have you seen 1917 yet? It’s an absolutely fantastic film that had me invested emotionally, and on the edge of my seat the entire time. It didn’t feel nearly as long as it is, which I feel is a good thing. I felt like I was right there beside them the entire time. It’s historically accurate to what I can remember, and they didn’t skimp out of anything. The cinematography is among the best I’ve ever seen, and I cried in some scenes because of how good they were. It’s an absolutely fantastic film that I’d highly recommend.
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    Welcome to the trenches, soldier! We are excited to share the latest news from the Western Front as Redstone Interactive brings a fresh experience to the brutal and visceral warfare of World War 1. Developed on Unreal Engine 4, Beyond The Wire aims to explore the battlegrounds and ruthless combat of The First Great War by combining a tactical squad-based FPS with a directional melee system as teams look to dominate the battlefields and clinch strategic positions. From the muddy flats of no man’s land to the sprawling trench networks, you will experience WWI like never before. Check out our announcement trailer on YouTube Redstone Interactive is a new start-up studio based in Canada founded by former Developers and Modders from notable tactical shooter games such as Squad, Screaming Steel and more. Our mission is to deliver memorable gaming experiences with a focus on mature, tactical multiplayer games. We pride ourselves in combining player-driven game design with state-of-the-art technology and beautiful artwork to create enjoyable gaming experiences. Beyond The Wire will be coming to Steam Early Access in 2020 but we will have opportunities for you to play the game earlier as we move through alpha and beta testing. Stand by for news on that front as we will open applications across the testing phase. Register now for Closed Alpha access Follow the war effort at the addresses below! Twitter: https://twitter.com/play_BTW Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playBTW/ Reddit: /r/BTW Follow our YouTube for video updates
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    The Powerbits Gameteam is a highly experienced clan that has set its footprints in games since as early as 2006. Our team has a refined ethos which guides us forward and keeps us grounded to our core values. PBS is organized and stable with trainings and wars with opportunities for any kind of player. PBS values Integrity, friendship and the character of the players above everything else! We participate in many events and wars and have great teamplay, checkout our warpage: https://pbsgameteam.com/clanwars/ Discord: pbsdiscord.com Website: https://pbsgameteam.com/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/PBSGATEAM Twitter: http://twitter.com/PBSGAMETEAM Team movie: https://youtu.be/fQ48ZgcTjko Our future server is coming the 21st Join us on: http://www.pbsgameteam.com/join-us
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    Was a great stream, can't wait for the next, all of this information is keeping us on our toes to know more for the future!
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    Welcome soldier, to the first developer blog for Beyond the Wire! Throughout the development of Beyond the Wire we will be taking you deep into the trenches and showing some of the pivotal aspects of our game, from environments and level design through to the revolutionary arms that deemed this period “The Great War''. For this first installment, we are going to break down some of the iconic weapons coming in Early Access that you will see across the battlefield and in the hands of the comrade next to you. Meet your new best friends! Gewehr 1898 The Gewehr 98 became one of the most reliable military and sport firearms ever produced after being patented in 1895 and becoming the standard German Army rifle used during World War 1. The Gewehr 98, and its classic bolt-action system, went on to set the standard of such guns - a standard still followed by the arms industry today. Specifications: Type: German bolt-action rifle Calibre: 7.92x57mm Gewehr Patrone 1898 ammunition Feed system: Five-round internal magazine Length: 49.2 in (125 cm) Weight: 9.26 lb (4.2 kg) Bayonet attachment: Seitengewehr 98/05 Fusil Mle 1886/M93 "Lebel" The Lebel was designed in France to take advantage of smokeless gunpowder invented a couple of years earlier in 1884. For a time the Model 1886 was a revolutionary step forward and gave a distinct advantage to the French infantryman. The Lebel was credited as being the first rifle designed for use with smokeless powder ammunition and the first to make "boat-tailed" ammunition as standard. Specifications: Type: French bolt-action rifle Calibre: 8x50mm Feed system: 8 round under barrel tube-magazine Length: 51.2 in (130 cm) Weight: 9.2 lbs (4.18 kg) Bayonet attachment: Épée-Baïonnette Modèle 1886 "Rosalie" Madsen Model 1905 The Madsen is a Danish designed magazine-fed, recoil-operated light machine gun and was deployed by the German Army in 7.92mm calibre during WW1. It was considered expensive to produce, but was known for its reliability Specifications: Type: German light machine gun Calibre: 7.92x57mm Feed system: 25-round detachable box magazine Length: 45 in (114.3 cm) Weight: 20 lb (9.07kg) Fusil Mitrailleur Mle 1915 CSRG "Chauchat" The Chauchat design stemmed from early-century work by a committee of French personnel which produced a gun that could be transported by one man into battle, supply machine-gun-levels of firepower, and could be mass-produced through limited manufacturing facilities. Portability allowed the Chauchat operator to bring machine gun firepower directly to the enemy, clearing out trenches faster than any bolt-action service rifle could manage. Specifications: Type: French light machine gun Calibre: 8×50mmR Lebel Feed system: 18-round underloadedmagazine Length: 45 in (114.3 cm) Weight: 20lb (9.07kg) Pistole 08 This iconic pistol was introduced between 1906 and 1914 within the German army and was the main handgun of the officers and assault troopers but was also carried by gun crews, messengers, signalers, and non-commissioned officers. The first Pistole 08s were sold to Switzerland in 1900 and were intended for the 7.65 mm calibre, however the calibre was changed back to 9mm Parabellum rounds purposefully for the German Empire. Specification: Type: German semi-automatic pistol Calibre: 9x19mm Parabellum Feed system: 8-round box magazine Length: 8.74 in (22 cm) Weight: 1lb 15oz (871 grams) Modèle 1892 Revolver Designed and manufactured from 1892-1927, this double-action revolver had a swing-out cylinder with spring-operated extractor. Originally designed to serve as a French Army officer's personal sidearm, it was also issued to officers in the Navy and Gendarmerie. Non-commissioned officers continued to carry the older Modèle 1873 service revolver, but some were issued .32 ACP automatic pistols during the War. Specification: Type: French double-action revolver Calibre: 8x27mm Feed system: 6 round cylinder Length: 9.3in (24cm) Weight: 1lb 14 oz (850 grams) Don’t worry, our arsenal doesn’t stop here. We have many more weapons that will play major roles in the war effort ahead, including trench raiding, and we will be including those in future dev blogs as we explore the other arms you will see in Beyond The Wire Remember to register with all the mailing rooms below to stay on top of all the latest news and information for Beyond the Wire! Twitter Facebook Discord Interested in helping us test? We are heading into our closed alpha phase and our sign-ups close on Friday! Register now for closed alpha
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    Howdy peeps, my name is invisible.nin / SINE, peeps know me from other OWI related games, such as Squad, PS and may recognize me even from somewhat early PR days. I'm just as curious as you all on the game, so let the hypetrain go! Have a good time and see you around!
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    A lighthearted one, if you don't mind subtitles https://youtu.be/t8T6urTz3S0?list=PLjf3QOew_frc7SEV0XAzEwnkFOQM9AskD
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    I just got this game today and have experience in Offworld's other games. I think it's a great game, even with the limited maps, but the players in my Squad just don't listen to me or respond to voice chat at all. This is exactly the opposite in Squad and Post Scriptum, and it's really killing the gameplay for me. Maybe the COD players will pass on with time, but I think we need more players, like me, from Post Scriptum and Squad to really get some good gameplay. Comment if you agree with me, so I know I'm not the only one who's noticed this.
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    I think adding a system into the game where players are rewarded for their time spent could be a really cool addition to the game, similar to that of War Thunder - I love the grind for historic medals and being able to display that I'm a seasoned player with that specific nation. I think it would be super cool to see players for example playing for the Kaiser be rewarded the Pour Le Mérite for hitting rank 75 or for getting 1000 kills or something along those lines. Would love to hear what others think, cheers!
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    Great to have you in the BTW community , PBS!
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    Welcome Soldiers! After announcing Beyond The Wire back in March the efforts of the team have been fully engaged towards preparing for Early Access release this year. After 5 months of alpha testing, we are now ready to enter the next stage of development and a release to steam. With great excitement, we can confirm that Beyond The Wire will be launching to Early Access on Wednesday 21st October 2020 and will be priced at $34.99 USD, €29.99 EUR or £27.79 GBP On launch day we will be hosting a developer livestream as well as spending some time in-game, so stay tuned for more information on that front! With our release date planned for next week, applications for server hosting licenses are now open! Server licensing is managed by the Offworld Industries Server Hosting team who ensure server's meet standards. Follow their discord link below to join the hosting community and get the full information on this process, as well as any support that may be needed to get your server set up. OWI Server Hosting Discord
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    Welcome Soldiers! We recently kicked off Beyond the Wire’s developer blog series with an introduction to some of the iconic weapons you will be seeing Beyond the Wire. For this second instalment we are going to dive into more areas of our weapon mechanics and systems! Below you can see some footage of these systems in our development testing range. Please bear in mind these features are early development implementations and are subject to change! The turn of the 20th Century saw vast advancements in technology and strategy that would change the landscape of war forever. With the introduction of heavy fire support systems, gas attacks and rapid-fire weapons, soldiers should become familiar with these systems before stepping out Beyond the Wire. Bolt-Action Rifles Note: These videos were generated inside our development testing range and are not from in-game With bolt-action rifles being the most commonly deployed firearms during World War 1, our primary goal has been to deliver satisfying gunplay and authentic weapon handling. Players can choose to operate the bolt handle manually allowing you to dictate the pacing of your engagements, which is especially useful when tracking targets. Additionally, you will be able to reload from a stripper clip or load each round individually, depending on the weapon. This is critical in moments of high tempo when you may have to cancel the reload process and only load one or two bullets before the enemy is upon you! Ballistics Beyond the Wire features an advanced ballistics system that takes muzzle velocity and gravity into account. Be sure to adjust your aim to compensate for bullet drop when engaging at a distance! Bipods A huge part of World War 1 was the impact that portable machine guns had on the battlefield. The ability to bring suppressive fire without losing mobility was key to taking strategic positions. However, those machine guns and automatic rifles are hard to control when firing from the hip. In Beyond The Wire, you can deploy your weapon's bipod on nearly every surface to improve the accuracy of your weapon. Whether flat on the ground, on sandbags, or any other object that can serve as a makeshift firing platform. Sidearms Usually equipped by leaders and assault troops, pistols and revolvers are among the most effective weapons at closer ranges due to their superior fire rate and mobility compared to bolt action rifles. Bayonets Bayonets are a great offensive and defensive alternative to firearms in close-quarters scenarios with faster attack speeds than a rifle. If you run out of ammunition, affix your bayonet to increase your chances of taking out enemies at closer ranges. Additionally, players will have the option to do a bayonet charge while sprinting, which will strike fear and terror into the enemy, especially if done with a larger group of players. Beware though, the additional weight of the bayonet will decrease the stability of your rifle, affecting your aim. Fire Support Systems One of the systems we haven’t discussed much is the off-map support actions that leaders can call in. As the introduction of industrialized artillery was one of the significant advancements during these times, we have developed off-map support call-ins that leadership classes are able to activate. With a variety of options like high explosive, smoke, and chemical barrages, your team has different tools to obliterate defensive positions and clear dangerous trench systems. Gas GAS GAS GAS Part of the significance of The Great War was the development of chemical warfare. The first large-scale chemical assault on the Western front was 170 metric tonnes of chlorine. And as such the chlorine gas attack will be available on Early Access Release, with the potential for more to be added in the future! The immediate impact of a chlorine attack on your troops will be disruption as the equipping of your gas mask robs you of fighting capability. If you’re stuck in a firefight and don’t reach for your mask in time, you'll suffer a horrible, gasping death. The gas mask will protect you from the effects of the gas but will reduce your combat effectiveness. A small price to pay considering the alternative! Artillery Perhaps the most recognised aspect of World War 1 was the unprecedented amount of artillery barrages that laid waste to land, beasts and man alike. Strike fear into enemies and create holes in defensive positions with heavy artillery shells that rain down and saturate enemy strong points. Smoke The final support feature available is the use of smoke barrages which can be called in to disrupt the enemies' lines of sight and screen assaults. Whether you're neutralizing the effectiveness of a machine gun position or providing cover to a mass attack across no man's land, smoke cover will be an effective tool for infiltrating enemy lines. That’s all for this instalment but we have so much more to show! Keep an eye out for further developer blogs as we head towards Early Access! However if you’re still not feeling satisfied then join us tomorrow for our second developer live stream! Kicking off at 10 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 6 PM UTC we will be sitting down with Beyond the Wire Producer Mitsu to answer some of the questions we’ve seen across the community since we announced! Tune in live tomorrow!
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    They Shall Not Grow Old - you can rent at youtube.
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    Hi there guys, I'm getting that warm fuzzy feeling that I had in Squad CPA. Thought I'd jump in!
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    Hello to you too! and welcome to all the new people.
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    Anyone got suggestions for good movies or books to help us get PUMPED up for BTW?!
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    I don't see any locked servers in BTW. I don't see many, if any at all, in Post Scriptum or Squad, very similar titles in terms of visuals, gameplay, and target audiance. I can find random servers just fine. I don't see that toxicity you were talking about. Have you actually played the game?
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    So, to begin off, melee in Beyond the Wire is a lot more meaningful than I expected it to be, certainly moreso than in other comparable titles. With how close-quarters fighting in trenches can be, it's sometimes better to cave some skulls in with your club, or shank the baddies with a fixed bayonet. Mopping up trenches, clearing houses, and flanking unsuspecting enemies all lend themselves very well to some silent stabbing. I'll begin off with the positives of melee in terms of gameplay. First off, for hand weapons - blocking! An important aspect of melee oft overlooked in games where the main aspect of gameplay is shooting. This allows the player to defend themselves if caught on the wrong foot and fight back. Secondly, having a hand weapon equipped improves your movement speed by a significant amount, and mobility is paramount when your enemies have ranged weapons. However, in my opinion, there are a number of problems with how melee is implemented in the game - the first of these is the directional melee system, including object collision on attacking. There are two distinct issues with it: the first is the clunkiness with which you have to pick your direction, and it's practicality in the heat of the moment. Say I'm fighting someone in a trench - I round a corner going right and he's right there, in front of me. First instinct: I click to attack. But, since I rounded that corner, my melee is going come from the side I just rounded, hitting the wall and thwarting my attempt. I would have to move my mouse up or down to attack from a vertical direction - a thought I really shouldn't have to process in the heat of the moment. Both these systems are counter-productive to the fast and brutal pace of melee, especially when firearms are still deadly in close quarters. There's also issues with how blocking interacts with yourself. If you make an attack, during the (quite long) wind-up period you can cancel it to block - however, once you start making the attack, you're locked in and can do nothing to stop it, and as such you are incredibly vulnerable for a quite long period of time. There are also problems with melee in how it interacts with a firearm-wielding opponent. The first, and most obvious one, is that they can just shoot you point-blank with no issues. They need far less time to shoot you than you need to wind up your melee, which is an excessively long period. Secondly, the barrel collision that makes you lower you weapon is virtually nonexistant against players, making getting close to disable their ability to shoot you just not possible or impractical. Another, minor gripe I have is that there's no practical difference between the unmounted bayonet some classes get and the club that others get. There should be at least two variations of melee weapons, along with meaningful differences: bayonet / trench club, and a raider club. I'll dive into more detail later. ~~~ And so, I come to a list of suggestions to help improve the melee experience and power vs. firearm-wielding opponents. There are a number of changes that require eachother to make sense. I apologize if I've missed or gotten any mechanics wrong, as melee currently is a bit buggy and difficult to understand with certainty what's supposed to be happening. Firstly, remove melee collision on environmental objects. This is an unnecessary element that does nothing to improve the experience, and really only makes it more frustrating. Secondly, allow blocking to take priority over an attack in progress. If you hit the block button you should instantly stop your attack mid-swing and assume a blocking stance. This is very important for being able to control precisely what your character does, especially in melee, where one mistake can, and oftentimes is, fatal. Increase movement speed when a player has their melee weapon out by 15% over what a player normally moves at with a rifle or pistol out - admittedly, I am unsure what the movement speed bonus is currently, but there is one to be sure. Onto a more chunky, possibly overreaching suggestions to change how melee works. Many ideas are inspired by Vermintide, but only the ones I feel would be pertinent to a game like this. Remove directional melee. Yes, it's an important advertised feature of the game, but as with melee collision, there appears to be no real benefit to it, and when in combination with melee collision on environmental objects all it does is breed frustration. Change a basic set of attacks the player can use, as follows: Light Attack: The current melee attack. Fast attack, but requires 2 hits to kill a player from the front. Light attacks stagger an enemy with a firearm out for a short period. Light attacks slows the player by 10%. More or less identical to the current melee attack, except it has a much shorter wind-up period and less damage. I cannot say exactly how fast it should be, but it should be quite fast. Heavy Attack: A strong attack requiring you to hold down the attack button for a short period, and upon releasing throws a powerful attack capable of killing a player from full health. Breaks the block of a player, and prevents them from blocking for a moderate period. Charging up a heavy attack slows the player by 25%, allowing a savvy enemy (armed with either rifle or melee weapon) to move out of range and avoid it. Counters blocking and lets you 1-hit a player from the front. Push: When blocking, hit the attack key to initiate a push. This is a very fast attack that deals no damage, but stumbles the target for a moderate period, less vs. a target with a melee weapon out. Stumbled targets cannot shoot, attack, or block for the duration. Pushes will interrupt a player charging up a heavy attack. Pushes do not affect a blocking player. This is possibly the most important attack: this lets a player with a melee weapon out get the jump on someone, especially someone with their firearm out. It also adds some counter-play to the aforementioned heavy attack. Pushes should also, as the name implies, push a target slightly in the direction the pusher was facing, though the feasibility of this might not be great, as I'm not familiar with how physics are handled in the engine. Add melee combos, in lieu of removing directional melee. As melee isn't the emphasis of this game, the combos can remain short and simple. For Bayonets and Trench Clubs, The Combo Simple, wide sweeps that doesn't require much skill but has a high chance of hitting the enemy. Heavy 1 is a vertical attack that requires more skill to land. Add in the Raider Mace, which the Assault role should use. A meaner looking and spikier variant of the Trench Club. The Combo The Raider Mace rewards skill, as seen with light 1 - a downward swing that, if aimed well, will hit your enemy's head. Light 2 is a wide sweep to compensate if you missed light 1. Heavy 1 is also a downward strike, but wider than the Bayonet one. The Raider Club is supposed to have a distinct advantage over Bayonets / Trench Clubs to emphasize the close-quarters nature that the Assault Class gets themselves into. Combo chains are simple - initiating a light attack after a heavy attack will go into light 2 for both. Block canceling will reset the chain to light 1. Add headshot bonus. Any headshot with a melee weapon should instantly slay the enemy. Increase the barrel obstruction distance vs. enemy players (when using long arms). This will make it less viable to just sprint through a trench barrel-stuffing enemies with your 1,25-meter long rifle. This should give pistols and melee weapons a more distinct advantage in the twisting turns of a trench. Allow any backstab to instantly slay the enemy regardless of their health. Melee kills render the enemy unrevivable - it not only emphasizes the brutality, but also gives melee kills a tactical advantage over just shooting them since that player can't be revived. ~~~ Questions? Comments? Changes too extreme for a game like Beyond the Wire? Don't understand something? I'd like to hear it.
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    Welcome Soldiers! For this developer blog, we are showcasing our animations and the gore system that will be featured in Beyond The Wire. These aspects will be central to the experience we’re aiming to deliver and having realistic animations and an extensive gore system will help immerse players into the atmosphere of the war. Animations With a priority on realism, while considering gameplay aspects, we have built and tailored our animations to find the balance that best achieves the feeling that players are controlling more than just a camera. Aspects such as inertia gives a physical quality that grounds the animation in the environment and contributes to immersion. From movement speed to weapon reloads, our team has fine-tuned all aspects to ensure players are able to manoeuvre through the battlefield and engage the enemy while maintaining balance across the various roles that are available. In order to deliver a realistic look for the characters in-game, we use references from period photographs and video that can give us the starting point for the various poses and stances of soldiers. Our animators, along with our historical advisors, then go through the key poses for each animation to ensure everything is correct. From these points, we blend the poses to ensure a realistic movement is presented in both third-person and first-person viewpoints. We have placed initial priority on the first-person animations that players immediately see, but we have also placed emphases on third-person animations so that soldiers moving around you help contribute to the authentic experience. We have implemented a wide range of movements in Beyond The Wire which covers various speeds, stances and traversing obstacles and cover elements. Being able to climb and vault allows players to navigate obstacles and the environment itself, while stance changes let players take advantage of different types of cover and concealment. Gore The industrialization of warfare at the turn of the 20th century had devastating effects on the soldiers who fought in this war. In order to deliver a true WW1 experience in-game, we have begun developing an early gore system that will bring these horrors to life. Fragmentation grenades, artillery shells and heavy calibre weapons all have brutal effects on your character and if you cannot avoid these, there is small hope of recovery. The damage to your character will have a direct effect on whether your teammates can revive you to return to the fight. If your character has suffered any dismemberment, you cannot be revived and will need to respawn. This is the first iteration of the system and will be changing as we move through development. Note: Gore effects exaggerated for demonstration purposes. The impact of this system on your character will vary depending on the projectile type and area of the body that’s hit. In addition to player movements, we also have a ragdoll system that replicates the effects of force on the player model. The severity of the ragdoll will change dependant on the projectile type. Our system differentiates based on impact force so players will go from a slump animation after receiving a sniper round, to blown out of a trench from a large artillery shell. Our gore system can be disabled for those players who prefer to play without the system active. Standby for the next instalment of developer blogs, Soldier!
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    New to this game, but not to combat sims......Been around since the early days of COD. I am curious as to where can I find some info about advancing my player as far as weapons, rank, etc. So far, I am a recruit with limited access to anything....... While I have not played Verdun in quite a while (years, actually), this game seems to be very similar---including the graphics/animations. I realize this is a WIP, but thought it would be a bit more advanced appearance wise. Still a good game with much potential.......
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    Hey Kingkat! Manual bolting is a feature in our game but can be specified in the 'game' tab of the options to be auto or manual. You'll also see in this settings tab options for hold/press for certain actions like leaning and crouching. Additional tips are 'C' for equipping bayonet AND deploying the bipod on LMG's. Pressing MMB with the bayonet attached is a bayonet thrust, and holding MMB while sprinting will allow you to bayonet charge. Third I would say would be the radial menu as an NCO. Hold 'T' to bring up the Section abilities menu, giving access to orders, call-outs and abilities. We'll be releasing tutorials to help new players learn some of these mechanics so stay posted! Good luck in the trenches!
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    I have always been a fan of military history. Just something about the smell of blackpowder and the screeching sound of a Tiger tanks tracks. Just fills me with interest. Always been a fan of WWI and the tactics and equipment used. Found out as a kid that my great grandfather served in the 21st Lancers (AKA The Death or Glory Boys) and road on Horseback with a beautiful black horse who's name i cannot say. From then on i found such an interest in my own family's military history.
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    Just joined. My game name is Kingkat54. have been playing fps games for a very long time. Looking forward to this game,and maybe seeing many of you in the trenches. Thank you for allowing me to join.
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    I noticed that my rank changed from private to lance corporal
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    I know it is still early but I would like to get a head start on this. If anyone is interested in joining the 33rd Infantry which aims to be a Milsim within Beyond The Wire with ranks, hopefully multiple companies. I do need help setting up so if you're interested in joining to ether help setup or just enlist, you can do so by joining the discord. https://discord.gg/2FZX2Mr
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    We don't have terrain deformation unfortunately but we would love to see if we can implement it at some point!
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    Hey mate, welcome! Beyond the Wire will require payment to access the game, no price point has been made public yet, as that is still TBD and more information on pricing will come closer to early access release. There is always the potential for Steam free weekends, which could be a possibility RSI might consider sometime post early access release, guess we'll have to wait and see. In saying this, wave 2 of alpha playtesting is coming up sometime this month, so keep an eye out on here and in discord, for the announcement.
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    No but it supposed to release this year if not next year
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    Hello Beyond the Wire fans, Phoenix Gaming will be opening a server in Beyond the Wire upon release. We are always looking for new clan members! We are an established clan, operating one of the most popular Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam dedicated servers in the world. Our success is based on our shared culture of not taking gaming too seriously and embracing the internet culture of memes! Check out our website : https://www.phoenixgamingclan.com Join our discord : https://discord.io/phxgaming
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    Tervehdys! Beyond The Wiren suomalaisfanit löytyy jo yhdestä paikasta, kun Finns Let Loose -yhteisö on mukana suljetun vaiheen testeissä. Saatat tuntea meidät Rising Storm 2:sta tai Hell Let Loosesta, jossa ylläpidämme servereitämme. Mutta yhteisömme parista löydät peliseuraa moniin eri peleihin. Tervetuloa tutustumaan ja jauhamaan BTW:sta ja kaikesta muusta mahdollisesta kanssamme. Pääpaikkamme on Discordimme, joka tarjoaa Nitro Boostien ansiosta 3-tason herkut: parasta äänenlaatua, satoja emojeja ja 100Mt:n latausraja kaikille Löydät meidät täältä: discord.gg/FLL Steam-yhteisö www Omia foorumeita meillä ei ole, koska olemme keskittäneet kaiken viestinnän Discordiimme, joten BTW:n tiimoilta totta kai jauhetaan täällä, jos foorumi-ihmisiä on enemmänkin.
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    Not at the moment but it will be opening up again in the future. We had sign-ups last month for the first phase of testing and once that is completed we will be opening sign-ups again for the next round
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    Hi Remus, You will be able to set a Clan Prefix within Beyond The Wire in the settings so you can distinguish your clan from the others. It's up to you to prove that your clan is the best clan though.
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    Hello ans welcome to all ! We can't wait to play Beyond The Wire !
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    Also check out this list of WWI movies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_I_films
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    You probably wouldn't think of a musical when you think of World War I but I recommend Oh! What a Lovely War! directed by Richard Attenborough for a bit of a satirical take on WWI YouTube even has the full movie if you want to rent it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFdBvpjA5Zc
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    March on Drina river. One of my personal favourite. Although i have failed to find it in english sorry. The channel on youtube which had it in english subtitles was deleted. It is nonetheless enjoyable, old movies worked hard with visuals to explain the plot so it is easy to follow it. It follows a Serbian artillery battery before and leading up to the battle of Cer mountain. First Entente victory of the war. https://letterboxd.com/roseemma/list/every-world-war-1-movie/ ^here you will find every movie about ww1.
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    Welcome, happy to have you on board!
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    Glad to see people are active..
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