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    Gourde modele 1877 In-game, currently, the "water bottle" of the french troops is a personalized item done by a tirailleur (as characterized by the crescent and star) when in reality, the majority of troops maintained the blue covering for their "gourde". in-game model: Real Life: Proposed Fix: Change the color of the current bottle to use blue instead of khaki, and remove the star and crescent on it Casque Adrian Currently, in the game, there is a bizarre adrian helmet model for the assault, the medic, and the machine gunner. that has a cut off visor, I cannot find any historical reference detailing such a modification. In-Game: There is the correct helmet in the game already, my proposed fix would be to simply give the model of the standard adrian to all members of the section. However, for the artilleryman, there would be a need to add the artillery insignia on the adrian helmet: Source: "Les casques de combat du monde entier de 1915 a nos jours" by Charles Lavauzelle p. 70 If there is any need to clarify, or provide additional sources, I would be glad to provide them.
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